Storelli BodyShield Leg Guard Protective Soccer Gear Review

Storelli BodyShield Leg Guard Review

Going all in without suffering the physical consequences of doing so is what Storelli’s BodyShield Leg Guard is all about. Protecting your lower leg and ankle, the sleeve offers extra protection against tackles so you can focus on your game. Even better, it doubles as a pocket for your slip-in shin guards. Keep reading to find out what we think of them and if they’re worth the money.Storelli BodyShield Leg Guard Protective Soccer Gear Review

Tech Specs

Storelli’s BodyShield Leg Guard is a protective lower leg and ankle sleeve with a shin guard pocket. They should be worn under your socks for extra protection against tackles. They’re armored with flexible PORON XRD® foam that absorbs up to 90% of impact. Check out this video showcasing its ability to protect a cinder block from the force of a bowling ball below.

Its revolutionary design holds shin guards in place without the need for constant manual adjustments or tape while providing effective impact protection for the legs, shins, and ankles. The shin guard pocket is designed to fit most slip-in shin pads. 3mm of stretchy Poron XRD® padding feels soft and comfortable when worn but absorbs impact when hit. 

The leg guards are enhanced with anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odors and they protect skin from harmful UV rays. The also employ lightweight materials that wick moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry. They’re available on Amazon for $34.99 in youth sizes or $39.99 in adult sizes here. Storelli BodyShield Leg Guard Protective Soccer Gear Review

The Verdict

Storelli’s BodyShield Leg Guards are not overly expensive for the amount of protection they provide, but before you spend $34.99 or $39.99 on them, you should know how they perform.

During testing, I found these leg guard sleeves to be very comfortable to wear. I noticed they feel quite thin and flexible, making me wonder just how protective they really are. Curious to find out, I put them on and hopped in goal for an entire match. Several tackles and 50/50 balls later, I can safely say these allowed me to play my best without worrying about getting cleated, kicked, or stepped on. When another player comes in contact with your ankle or lower leg area, you don’t feel the impact because the flexible yet effective Poron XRD foam absorbs the majority of it (90%, that is).LegGuardsBlack_1024x1024This foam covers the ankles and side of the lower legs, the areas most prone to injuries during tackles; it’s far from bulky so you hardly even notice you’re wearing the sleeves, except when you’re making a tackle and have opposing players on top of you, of course. Then you’re glad that you’re wearing them. Even if you’re not a goalkeeper, these leg guards are still a necessary piece of protection to wear on the pitch. Forwards, midfielders, and defenders all suffer from ankle and lower leg kicks quite often so slipping these on under your socks will keep you protected and at a better chance of staying injury-free. lguard_g4An added bonus of this product is that you can put your shin guards in them and not have to worry about them sliding around. Your slip-in shin guards, that is. Slip-ins are the only type of shin guards that will work with these sleeves since that’s all the built-in pockets can fit. Considering the design of these leg guards and the protection they provide, you’re better off ditching your shin guards with built-in ankle protection (if you own those, of course) and buying a pair of inexpensive yet protective slip-in shin guards. Click here to view our current favorite slip-in shin guards on Amazon. 

After several weeks of testing Storelli’s BodyShield Leg Guards, I can safely say the “BodyShield” name holds true. As both a goalkeeper and field player, I feel more confident giving it my all on the field while I’m wearing these. Their thin and lightweight properties might deceive you, but once you get in a tackle with these on, you too will become a believer in this product. Click here to purchase them on Amazon.


Storelli SpeedGrip Insole Review

Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewStorelli knows that the stock insoles found in every new pair of soccer cleats are not optimized for traction, causing your feet to slide and slowing your reaction time when it makes all the difference. That’s why they created their new SpeedGrip insole. By adding grip to your cleats, they help you gain traction and focus on your game. We put them to the test to find out how they perform and if they’re worth the $40 price tag.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles Review

Tech Specs

The idea of anti-slip insoles would sound good to any athlete, but how exactly do they work? The top layer of the insole is made of a proprietary suede-like grip material that is very effective at gripping socks, therefore eliminating slippage underneath your feet during play. It offers increased traction in both dry and wet conditions. Besides grip, these insoles are designed to give you a more responsive feel, more stability, and more speed, hence the name “SpeedGrip.”

The SpeedGrip insoles measure a mere 3mm thin and weigh around one ounce, about the same thickness and weight as the stock insoles that come with every new pair of soccer cleats. They feature a patented heel cup design to lock your feet in place and give you that extra grip that stock insoles don’t give you. In addition, they’re enhanced with anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odors. However, these insoles aren’t for everyone; they’re not recommended to players with very sensitive feet.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles Review

The Verdict

Upon first glance, you’re probably wondering why these insoles have a tail, or a piece of material extending upwards at the back of the heel. Made of the same suede-like grip material as seen on the insole itself, the tail or heel tab serves a purpose of smoothing out the heel cup crinkles that are created when you put on the boots. All it takes is some slight adjusting and tugging on the heel tab to get the heel cup to sit flush with the boot’s heel liner. If you were thinking of cutting the tail off, that’s not such a good idea; it’s the only way to smooth out the heel cup inside the boot for a comfortable fit.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewNot many soccer insoles feature this built-in heel cup and heel tab, but it’s very effective at eliminating slippage in the heel liner area, an area highly susceptible to blisters (and we all know friction causes blisters). Storelli’s SpeedGrip insoles cover all bases when it comes to providing grip; the forefoot, mid foot, heel, and heel liner, where most soccer insoles only cover the first three areas and skimp on the last one.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewAt the back of the heel tab and underneath the toes, there are stickers that you need to peel off before inserting the insoles into your boots; they ensure that the insoles remain stationary inside your boots. The foam base of the insole is nothing too fancy; it’s just a single layer of foam with perforations in the forefoot area. These insoles are very thin and low profile, so they’ll definitely fit into any pair of soccer cleats. If anything, the heel area is slightly thicker than what you’ll find on stock insoles, but these will still easily fit into any pair of boots (it might be trickier to fit the heel cup/heel tab into boots with more padded heel liners, though).Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewThe suede-like grip material covering the surface of the insole is very effective at eliminating slippage and increasing grip inside your boots. By gripping well to socks, it allows you to have a more instantaneous reaction time and get a more responsive feel during play. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing these SpeedGrip insoles over stock insoles because of the noticeable grip they provide underfoot. For those who are familiar with TRUsox grip socks, these insoles would be considered in competition with them. TRUsox socks provide grip between your foot and the sock and your sock and the boot, whereas Storelli SpeedGrip insoles only provide grip between your sock and the boot. However, after testing both products separately, I wouldn’t say one is necessarily more effective than the other; both do a great job of providing grip inside your boots.

Forty dollars might seem like a hefty price to pay for a pair of insoles, but considering how effective these are in reducing slippage, we believe they’re worth it. With their unique heel cup/heel tab construction and a width and weight similar to that of stock insoles, they truly are unlike anything else on the market. Plus, you can use them for other sports, too; they’re best suited for sports where agility, sprinting, and foot control are particularly important. Want a pair for yourself? Click here.