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Chaos Soccer Gear Aztec Soccer Ball Review

Chaos Aztec Soccer Ball Review

The Aztec soccer ball made by Chaos Soccer Gear is exactly that: chaotic. Featuring 32 panels covered in unique art that tricks your eyes into looking every which way, the Aztec is 100% hand-stitched and has a dimple surface for less drag, more controllability, and coated protection. We put this $80 ball to the test to see how it holds up after heavy use on the pitch. 

PARK Pass A Ball Soccer Ball review one for one buy this ball and pass a ball to a kid in need World Cup

PARK Pass-A-Ball Soccer Ball Review

When brands and consumers work together on a social mission, the impact can be huge. That’s the case with the PARK Pass-A-Ball soccer ball: for every ball purchased, PARK will pass-a-ball to a kid in need. One for one. They’re shipped worldwide, feature hand drawn graphics inspired by street football culture, and are machine stitched for high durability.