Prime Focus Locus Pro Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_0862An outstanding glove from new goalkeeping brand Prime Focus Goalkeeping, the Locus Pro has everything a goalkeeper could want in a goalkeeper glove for just $60. A high quality latex palm coupled with breathable mesh, a latex backhand, fingersaves, and a snug-fitting expanse cut makes the Locus Pro a glove equipped with all the necessities and nothing more. They’re available on Specs

Palm: 4mm of German Contact Latex.

Cut: Gecko Roll/Expanse cut. Mesh gussets. Latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: 3mm of Super Soft Latex on a soft mesh body. Strategically placed latex rubber punch zone over knuckles.

Closure: 5cm wide Super Soft Latex wrist strap on a 9cm wide elastic wristband.

Extras: Removable fingersaves through the zipper above the wrist. Option for customization on the wrist strap.

The Prime Focus Goalkeeping Locus Pro Goalkeeper Gloves are available in sizes 6-10 for $60 USD on Thoughts

What originally seemed to be a simple glove from a promising new goalkeeping brand has turned out to be just that; simple. The Locus Pro is a basic glove that offers the high quality materials necessary to make this a viable game glove option for goalkeepers. With the option of fingersaves, you can choose to keep them in or take them out at your disclosure.IMG_0883IMG_0884Palm: The 4mm of German Contact Latex definitely did not disappoint while I was testing these. The latex has retained its very sticky grip from its first game to the most recent game I played in as well as throughout all of my training sessions. The durability of this latex is quite impressive as well. Usually when a latex is very sticky and grippy it’s normal for it to sacrifice durability, but this German Contact Latex held up quite well during the testing period; there are no major tears or chunks taken out of the latex after multiple games and training sessions and the “stay focused” message on the lower palm remains intact.IMG_0886IMG_0888IMG_0882Cut: The Gecko Roll/Expanse cut fits best on goalkeepers with slim/skinny fingers since it’s a narrow and skinny cut. I personally like the snug fit that this cut provides but it might not be for everyone. The mesh gussets make the cut feel even more comfortable on hand and serves as a great form of ventilation to let heat and sweat out of the gloves while allowing your hands to breathe. The widened fingertips and latex wrapped thumb make for increased latex-to-ball contact allowing for a better and safer hold on shots.IMG_0879IMG_0867Backhand: The soft mesh body is exposed in just the right areas to aid in a flexible, breathable, and comfortable fitting glove. Right over the thumb and thumb crotch is a crucial comfort area and Prime Focus GK made sure to layer up with with soft mesh in that area. Exposed mesh is also found just above the wrist and over the fingers to aid in flexibility. The 3mm of Super Soft Latex makes a noticeable difference in the comfort of the gloves as opposed to if it was a cheaper latex or a synthetic material found on gloves listed at this price point from other brands. The strategically placed textured/ribbed latex over the knuckles makes for a good surface to punch away the ball with.IMG_0876IMG_0877Closure: The 5cm wide Super Soft Latex wrist strap coupled with a 9cm wide elastic wristband makes for an incredible fit. Having an elastic wristband as thick as 9cm provides for a very stable, secure and comfortable fit that makes these gloves very enjoyable to wear knowing that you only have to focus on saving shots that come your way rather than worrying about the fit of your gloves.  Once wrapped around your wrist, the 5cm wide Super Soft Latex wrist strap offers a very tight and secure fit. The zipper above the wrist makes taking out or putting in the fingersaves simple and easy.IMG_0880For just $60 USD, the Locus Pro from Prime Focus Goalkeeping is an incredible goalkeeper glove that is worth every penny. Featuring high quality materials, a great grip, and a super comfortable fit, the Locus Pro is best suited to be worn in games but can definitely be worn in practice at the higher levels due to its high quality latex. The fingersaves do a good job of protecting your fingers without being too overbearing, stiff, or uncomfortable in any way. Although it might not be for everyone because of its narrow and snug expanse cut and overall fit, this glove is definitely one worth considering. For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing, visit and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterIMG_0874IMG_0858.jpg