3D Printed Shin Guards Review (Zweikampf)

Yes, 3D-printed shin guards exist and you can buy a pair! They are 100% developed and made in Austria by Zweikampf, a team of creative heads determined to prove that 3D-printed products are ready for the Champions League. The shin guards feature a 3D-printed shell, a unique “Y” structure for diffusing shocks, XRD Technology, and much more.

Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Female Goalkeeper Glove Review (Keepher Nemow)

Unsatisfied with current goalkeeper gloves being based off of a male hand, Keepher took matters into their own hands and created a line of female-specific goalkeeper gloves. The Nemow, their latest glove model, features Contact latex, a hybrid cut, removable fingersaves, and an elastic wrist strap. For about seventy US dollars, it’s a viable game glove option for female goalkeepers.

How to Make Your Soccer Cleats Last Longer

Everyone wants their soccer cleats to last as long as possible, but many players do one thing that can seriously ruin them; wearing them on pavement. Walking from the soccer field to your car, it probably doesn’t cross your mind that you might be doing damage…but as you walk, the pavement is eating away at the plastic studs on the bottom of your cleats. This is how you can prevent it.

Adidas Gloro 16.1 Soccer Cleat Review

A more affordable and modern version of the beloved Copa Mundial, the adidas Gloro 16.1 offers a soft kangaroo leather toe box, a synthetic leather midfoot, and eleven conical studs. Priced around one hundred ten US dollars, it’s a simple yet effective and affordable boot for players in search of a classic look and a comfortable fit.

Which Soccer Shin Guards Should You Buy?

While shin guards may not be fun to wear, they’re just as necessary as soccer cleats or a jersey. After all, they do protect you from painful shin injuries and, depending on the type of shin guard, they may protect you from ankle injuries, too. Today we’re going to be discussing the two main types of shin guards and which model is the best in that category. 

Cobra Custom Moldable Shin Guards Review

When you buy a new pair of shin guards, you’re often stuck with the lackluster fit that the pre-molded plastic provides. You no longer have to settle for that pre-determined fit since Cobra Shinguards have created re-moldable shin guards that provide a truly custom, comfortable fit, tailored specifically to your leg shape. In addition to being re-moldable year after year, they also remain stink free due to their closed-cell foam and come with a free pair of Cobra shin guard sleeves that keep your guards sandwiched in place at all times.