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Unequal Cushioning Sports Insoles Review

It’s common for all athletes to suffer from foot, ankle, knee, and lower back pain, which can affect one’s health, mood, and energy level. You can reduce the risk of these injuries by replacing your current insoles with ones that absorb and disperse shock. Unequal Protective Cushioning Insoles provide 24% better shock dissipation compared to typical OEM insoles, reducing the risk of foot injuries and leaving you with more end-of-day energy. We put them to the test to see how they perform underfoot.

Unequal Halo 3 protective headgear headband Ali Krieger USWNT FIFA Women's World Cup Briana Scurry Concussion Prevention Soccer Contact Sports

Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear Review

2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Briana Scurry can recount the details of the head injury that ended her career. Well…sort of. Since she doesn’t actually remember the hit, she shares what she’s been told by other people. That’s why she swears by Unequal’s protective headgear, such as the Halo 3, for staying safe on the pitch. It looks just like a headband, but it offers incredibly effective head protection in a lightweight, comfortable design. Keep reading to find out why the Halo 3 is head protection you’ll never want to play without.

Elite Sport Black Real goalkeeper gloves for soccer games review KeeperStop.com black gold affordable goalie gloves

Elite Sport Black Real Goalkeeper Glove Review

A top-of-the-line game glove from Elite Sport, the Black Real features a roll finger cut, grippy Contact latex, and five removable finger spines. This goalkeeper glove is intended for use in all weather conditions and should be worn by those who want as much latex-to-ball contact as possible; but before you drop $85 on them, let’s find out how they perform between the sticks.

nike gk premier SGT goalkeeper glove review goalie glove review nike gloves Joe hart

Nike GK Premier SGT Goalkeeper Glove Review

Worn by some of the world’s best goalkeepers, the Nike GK Premier SGT goalkeeper glove features a laser-etched latex palm among other unique features and is intended for match play. They’ve been on the market for a few years now so you can easily find a pair online for a discounted price; but before you go snagging a pair on sale, let’s find out how they perform to see if they’re even worth purchasing.

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Unequal Halo 1 Protective Headgear Review

With millions of sports players getting concussions each year, it’s imperative that players protect themselves to reduce the risk of getting one. Slipping on a lightweight, comfortable, and protective Unequal headband can reduce concussion risk as much as 74%, according to Virginia Tech’s extensive independent research. Knowing you’re protected means saying goodbye to the possibility of having headaches, blurry vision, and difficulty thinking clearly, all side effects of a cerebral concussion.

PARK Pass A Ball Soccer Ball review one for one buy this ball and pass a ball to a kid in need World Cup

PARK Pass-A-Ball Soccer Ball Review

When brands and consumers work together on a social mission, the impact can be huge. That’s the case with the PARK Pass-A-Ball soccer ball: for every ball purchased, PARK will pass-a-ball to a kid in need. One for one. They’re shipped worldwide, feature hand drawn graphics inspired by street football culture, and are machine stitched for high durability.

Concave Volt+ Knit Soccer Cleat Review

After watching the big three sports brands (Nike, adidas, and Puma) implement and perfect knitted football boots, Concave is now taking a stab at it as well with their new Volt+ Knit. Featuring an advanced micro-yarn upper with a knitted “sock” design, the Volt+ Knit caters to the changing demands of the game while staying true to the brand’s identity. In typical Concave fashion, you can find Concave’s patented Powerstrike element integrated into the upper.

Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution LTD Goalkeeper Glove Review

If there is a glove I highly recommend purchasing, it’s this one. Designed for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Reusch’s new limited edition goalkeeper glove features a bold colorway and G3 Fusion latex with durable and wet weather latexes sprinkled throughout. They also feature an evolution cut, a new wrist band area, breathable mesh, and a striking design for this summer’s hottest tournament.