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aviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper gloves

Aviata Black Mamba V7 Goalkeeper Glove Review

While the Black Mamba V7 is a more affordable model in Aviata’s glove range, it comes equipped with features that have trickled down from the top models and is best suited for intermediate players. Some of these features include a flat cut, a 3D breathable mesh body, a double wrap wrist strap, a latex wrapped thumb, and a punch guard pad.

lupos armored goalkeeper gloves

Lupos Armored Goalkeeper Glove Review

The Armored is the latest glove model from Lupos, a new goalkeeper glove brand seeking to provide high quality game and practice gloves at a low price. Equipped with Giga Grip latex, a roll finger cut, a 3D punch zone, and breathable mesh, the Armored is a viable and affordable game glove option for just about forty five US dollars.

Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Female Goalkeeper Glove Review (Keepher Nemow)

Unsatisfied with current goalkeeper gloves being based off of a male hand, Keepher took matters into their own hands and created a line of female-specific goalkeeper gloves. The Nemow, their latest glove model, features Contact latex, a hybrid cut, removable fingersaves, and an elastic wrist strap. For about seventy US dollars, it’s a viable game glove option for female goalkeepers.

Mauer Obenkrieger Goalkeeper Glove Review

The uniquely named Obenkrieger from Mauer Athletics is not only affordable, but it’s durable and comfortable, too. Designed by a goalkeeper tired of spending hundreds of dollars on goalkeeper gloves a month, the Obenkrieger delivers on everything one could wish for in a pair of gloves. These $55 goalkeeper gloves, suitable for games or high level practices, feature a Quartz latex palm with an abrasion zone, a negative cut, a latex backhand, and an elastic wrist strap for an all-around snug and ergonomic fit.