Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Did You Know That Female Goalkeeper Gloves Exist?

Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper GlovesNews flash: the female hand is not built like the male hand. In fact, it’s different in four distinct ways: the female hand is more narrow, has a shorter pinky finger, has a longer thumb, and has closer-in-length pointer and ring fingers. To ensure that females get the best fit out of their goalkeeper gloves, Keepher Soccer makes female-specific gloves so women no longer have to wear gloves designed for men. Let’s take a look at the different models the brand currently has on offer.Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

1. Adira Pro Match Glove

Their most recent glove model, the Adira Pro (in Hebrew, Adira means a female who is great, mighty, and powerful) features a neoprene construction for a comfortable and flexible fit on hand. A negative cut ensures a snug fit in the fingers while 3.5mm of Giga Grip palm latex allows you to hold onto every shot with ease while not sacrificing on durability. A double wrap wrist strap provides security and support in the wrist area. They’re available to purchase here.

Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

2. Nemow Pro Match Glove

One of the brand’s most popular glove models, the Nemow Pro is equipped with professional level Contact latex so you can grab onto every ball safely and securely. A hybrid cut between flat and roll finger gives you a comfortable fit in the fingers while five removable fingersaves ensure your fingers don’t hyperextend during play. A double wrap wrist strap allows you to achieve a tight and secure fit in the wrist area while the air mesh body and soft latex backhand enhances breathability and comfort of the gloves. They’re available to purchase here.

3. Hera Match Glove

Women were not allowed to participate in the first Olympics; therefore, the Hereaen games were created and dedicated to the goddess Hera. This glove is dedicated to all female goalkeepers who choose to play such a demanding position. It features 3.5mm of turf/hard ground latex, a latex that’s extra durable for competing and training on turf or hard ground. The Hera also features a negative cut, a double wrap wrist strap, a neoprene wristband, and five removable fingersaves. They’re available to purchase here.

4. Duenna Match Glove

The Duenna match glove is a tribute to all women that choose to protect the net for their team. It’s equipped with a snug-fitting negative cut, 3.5mm of Giga Grip latex (the latex is pink on one palm and yellow on the other), and a double wrap wrist strap for a secure fit. It also features five removable fingersaves to prevent hyperextension of the fingers. They’re available to purchase here.Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

5. APD Match Glove

Designed for the everyday goalkeeper who trains hard, plays hard, and rests hard, the APD glove comes equipped with a snug negative cut, a double wrap wrist strap, a comfy neoprene wristband, and five removable fingersaves. This glove also features 4mm of Giga Grip latex, a grippy yet durable latex that performs well in all weather conditions. They’re available to purchase here.

6. Cynisca Match Glove (Purple)

Cynisca was a Spartan princess warrior, so this glove allows you to battle and be graceful at the same time. Featuring a roll finger cut and 4mm of Giga Grip latex, the Cynisca offers a secure fit in the palm and a great grip in all weather conditions. This glove is also equipped with a double wrap wrist strap, a neoprene wristband, and five removable fingersaves. They’re available to purchase here.

Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

7. Cynisca Match Glove (Blue)

Last but not least, the Cynisca blue features the same visual design as the Cynisca purple, but in different colors. Where the Cynisca purple is decked out in purple and black, the Cynisca blue is decked out in blue and pink. It’s equipped with a snug negative cut, 4mm of Giga Grip latex, a double wrap wrist strap, a neoprene wristband, and five removable fingersaves. They’re available to purchase here.

Are you a female goalkeeper? Are you annoyed with having to wear gloves designed for males? The team at The Soccer Reviews highly recommends checking out Keepher Soccer; we’ve had female testers try out their goalkeeper gloves and they’ve had nothing but great things to say about them. You can read our Nemow Pro review here and you can check out Keepher’s YouTube channel here.


How to Find $300 Soccer Cleats for Just $20

maxresdefaultIf you haven’t already seen the incredible deals on soccer cleats people are finding at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Burlington stores across the nation, we’ll fill you in on some of the best finds from this week and how you can snag some of these deals for yourself.

If you’ve been out of the loop, people have been finding top tier (and mid and low tier) soccer cleats at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Burlington stores across the United States for far below their regular retail price. It’s been a phenomenon, with people frequently visiting their nearest locations in hopes of finding a pair of boots. The chances of actually finding a pair of top tier soccer cleats are very slim, though; it’s a hit or miss. However, when you do find them, they’re guaranteed to be heavily discounted.

If you’re looking to actually play in the boots you find and not just collect them, chances are even more slim that you’ll find them in your size, so don’t show up to these stores expecting to find $250 soccer cleats in your size for $20; it takes patience, persistence, and, quite honestly, hope. Many bargain hunters collect the boots they find or flip them on eBay for more money. With that being said, let’s get into some of the best finds from this week. 

1. Black History Month Nike Mercurial Vapor XI

First up is the limited edition Black History Month Nike Mercurial Vapor XI. Originally released in January of 2018, they’ve officially hit the shelves of Burlington, the retailer where these were found at for a mere $24.99. That’s a pretty hefty discount from its original $254.99 retail price. They’re currently listed on eBay by resellers for over $100 so to find these at a fraction of the price is not only incredible, but very rare.

2. EA Sports Nike Hypervenom Phantom III

IMG_8196Next is the EA Sports Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3. Another limited edition release, these boots have found their way to the shelves of Marshalls where they’re being sold for just $19.99 (regular retail price is $300). Originally released in September of 2017, the EA Sports Hypervenom 3s were individually numbered and limited to 3000 adult sized pairs and 1000 youth sized pairs, which makes them an even more rare and incredible find. They’re currently listed on eBay by resellers for well over $200, with some asking as much as $400 per pair.

3. Floodlights Pack Nike Magista Obra II

IMG_8479Last is the Nike Magista Obra 2 from the Floodlights Pack, a football boot pack released on October 3, 2016. These boots retail for $275 and have now been found at a Marshalls store for just $24.99, 11 times cheaper than their regular retail price. If you’re serious about finding awesome deals like these, here are a few things you should know. 

Do you want to snag similar deals for yourself? It’s unlikely you’re going to find these exact finds, but often times when there’s a certain boot at a few locations, they’re most likely at many locations across the nation. Whether you’re looking to flip them or collect them, here are some tips from Elmer Hernandez (@ehdeportes on Instagram), a football boot bargain hunter:

  1. The best days to look for finds are Monday through Friday. 
  2. Marshalls and Burlington stores usually restock in the morning.
  3. Ross stores usually restock in late morning or early afternoon. 
  4. Go as often as you can, and even more often when you start to find a pair or two.
  5. Ask the store manager when they get in new shipments and when they put stuff out on the shelves.

If you have finds that you want featured in next week’s ‘best finds’ article, email us or DM us on Instagram! Also, listen to our new podcast where we interview professional soccer players, coaches, and entreprenuers in the soccer space by clicking here.

Photos by @cleatstagram, @tsunamiabner, @cali_finds_77, and @ricardo._02.

How to Take Care of Goalkeeper Gloves

Have you ever wondered if it’s safe to throw your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine and dryer? Or if it’s safe to clean them with dish soap? Or how you can make them last longer? We answered all of these questions and more in our latest episode of The Soccer Reviews podcast.

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glovestix mompreneur krista woods reduce odor sports gear stinky soccer lacrosse hockey sneakers skates athletes need this shark tank product

Every Athlete Needs This Innovative Shark Tank Product

glovestix mompreneur krista woods reduce odor sports gear stinky soccer lacrosse hockey sneakers skates athletes need this shark tank productYou might have seen this deodorizer for athletic gloves and shoes on Shark Tank (which even struck a deal), and today we’re going to be discussing why YOU need it.

The majority of athletes are notorious for having stinky gear, especially soccer players. Parents are all too familiar with the horrid smell that reeks from their children’s soccer gear, whether it be from a summer tournament, tryouts, or just a regular practice. Upon pickup, the car windows are immediately rolled down and the cleats, along with the rest of the gear, are thrown in the trunk, in hopes that the putrid smell will quickly disappear. Unfortunately, that is never the case. In addition to harnessing a foul odor, those cleats are also on their way to growing bacteria and filling with moisture, if they haven’t already. Before you shove them back into your bag and vow to deal with them at a later time, slip in a pair of ShoeStix to not only get rid of the repulsive stench, but also inhibit bacteria growth and get rid of the moisture in your cleats. They’re quick, simple, and easy to use and they reduce odor is as quickly as 24 hours, so your cleats will be odor free and ready to go by the next day. The same goes for goalkeeper gloves which are also notoriously stinky and most likely grow even more bacteria than soccer cleats do. You simply slip in a pair of GloveStix into your gloves and the odor will be gone in as quickly as 24 hours, bacteria growth will be inhibited, and the moisture will be absorbed by the sticks. 

Both ShoeStix and GloveStix reduce odor is as quickly as 24 hours, and the silver seal infused plastic tubes provide antimicrobial protection for ten years. They are 99.9% effective at inhibiting harmful bacteria growth and they don’t just work for soccer cleats and goalkeeper gloves; they also work for lacrosse gloves, hockey gloves, sneakers, skates, boxing gloves, and more. In addition, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if they don’t do the job. You can pick up a pair of ShoeStix or GloveStix for yourself here.glovestix mompreneur krista woods reduce odor sports gear stinky soccer lacrosse hockey sneakers skates athletes need this shark tank product


Why You Need to Wash Your Goalkeeper Gloves

3-960x480To get the maximum grip and life out of your goalkeeper gloves, it’s important to take care of them by washing them after every match. Dirt, sand, and grime builds up on the soft, natural latex the more you wear the gloves, creating a layer between the ball and your latex palm which reduces grip and traction. This leads to quicker deterioration of the delicate latex palms, which are already subject to wear and abrasion just from a player’s technique, age, and playing surface. To lengthen the life of your goalkeeper gloves, you should use the following products to ensure a proper cleansing of the latex after each game.61AzoloHcgL._SL1200_

Reusch Re:Invigorate Glove Wash

We’ve been using Reusch’s Re:Invigorate Glove Wash for years now and have yet to be disappointed. For around twelve US dollars per bottle, you get eight fluid ounces of glove wash which, if you have a match say once a week, should last you a few months. It works best when the dirt and grime on the gloves is still fresh, so as soon as you get home from a game it is imperative to start washing them. Allowing the dirt and grime to sit there for days or even weeks at a time will degenerate the latex palm, diminishing its grip and reducing its lifespan. Using just a quarter-size worth of glove wash, the formula effectively works its way into the latex palm, lifting up the sand and dirt that tends to stick to the delicate material and washing it away. After washing your gloves, the latex foam’s grip is restored and as good as new. You can pick up a bottle for yourself on Amazon.

71gSv0mz3zL._SL1200_GloveGlu Revive Pack

The GloveGlu Revive Pack consists of three bottles that serve three different purposes: Glove Wash & Prepare is your basic glove wash, Glove Fresh keeps your gloves smelling fresh and odor free, and Glove Glu enhances your glove’s grip in all conditions. Priced around forty US dollars for the three bottles, it covers your glove washing needs, improves the grip of your gloves, and enhances the smell of your gloves. Glove Wash & Prepare removes dirt using a DirTECH formula which lifts dirt particles away from the latex, improving the latex’s grip and lifespan. Unlike a perfume based spray that simply masks the smell, Glove Fresh targets and eliminates odor-producing bacteria that causes your goalkeeper gloves to smell unpleasant. Finally, Glove Glu increases the grip of the latex in all weather conditions. While it does a decent job, we prefer the natural grip provided by regularly-washed latex palms instead of artificially enhancing the grip. If you’re interested in solving all three goalkeeper glove problems at once, the GloveGlu Revive Pack is a great product to have. You can pick it up for yourself on Amazon.unnamed-1_1024x1024-1

How to Make Your Soccer Cleats Last Longer

Everyone wants their soccer cleats to last as long as possible, but many players do one thing that can seriously ruin them; wearing them on pavement. Walking from the soccer field to your car, it probably doesn’t cross your mind that you might be doing damage…but as you walk, the pavement is eating away at the plastic studs on the bottom of your cleats. This is how you can prevent it:

SSYAD078285-2Slip Into a Pair of Slides or Sneakers

This is a popular solution that we see many players, especially high school and collegiate players, adopting. At a highly competitive or elite level, it’s not reasonable to let your top-tier soccer cleats deteriorate at a much faster rate. It’s important to keep them in the best shape possible to ensure the longest lifespan possible. Since many top-tier cleats don’t have a very long lifespan to begin with (most last just one full season if you’re lucky), taking them off on the field and slipping into a pair of soccer slides or sneakers is strongly recommended. You can pick up a pair of slides for yourself on Amazon.

Cleatskins PremierSlip on a Pair of Cleatskins

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of untying and pulling off your soccer cleats, you can simply slip on a pair of Cleatskins instead. Cleatskins are thin, rubber cleat covers for soccer (and every other cleated sport for that matter) that easily slip over your cleats so you don’t have to worry about wearing down the plastic studs on the soleplate. They can be worn on all surfaces and in all weather, and the flexible Compression Molded Rubber shell ensures a proper fit no matter what cleat brand or model. When they get too dirty, simply throw them into the washing machine to make them as clean as new. Cleatskins are convenient for running those quick errands before or after games and practices, making trips to the bathroom or concession stand at tournaments, or even driving because of their sneaker-like outsole. They’re suitable for players of all ages and come in a variety of colors. You can pick up a pair for yourself on Amazon.1 - Soccer Slide

Which Soccer Shin Guards Should You Buy?

Soccer Shin GuardsWhile shin guards may not be fun to wear, they’re just as necessary as soccer cleats or a jersey. After all, they do protect you from painful shin injuries and, depending on the type of shin guard, they may protect you from ankle injuries, too. Today we’re going to be discussing the two main types of shin guards and which model is the best in that category.

818tgk-DKjL._SL1500_Slip-In Shin Guards

Arguably the most popular among professional, high school, and collegiate players, slip-in shin guards are lightweight, thin, and easy to insert or remove. They usually come with a pair of sleeves to keep them in place, or they can be held steady with stays or tape. If your socks are snug enough, the guards technically can be worn alone, but this isn’t recommend since, regardless of your position, they will most likely end up sliding around in your socks and become a hassle trying to keep in place.

A1QUbVtyBCL._SL1500_cobra shin guardsBest Pick: Cobra Shin Guards

Having worn Nike, adidas, and Puma slip-in shin guards for years, none quite compare to Cobra shin guards. Constructed of a lightweight, high-impact material, Cobra shin guards are remoldable year after year, meaning you get a truly custom fit tailored to your leg shape. Nike, adidas, and Puma only sell pre-molded plastic shin guards, and while they are lightweight, you’re stuck with the pre-determined fit that might not fit your legs perfectly. With Cobra shin guards, you can mold them to fit your legs specifically, and if your leg shape ever changes, there’s no limit to how many times you can remold them. In addition to providing a custom fit, the comfortable, closed-cell foam on the inside of the guards eliminates odor, the high-impact material on the outside protects against hits, and the double layer sleeves (comes free with each pair of shin guards) hold the guards in place better than any other shin guard sleeve on the market. For only a couple more dollars than Nike, adidas, or Puma’s most popular slip-in shin guards, Cobra shin guards will last for years and will provide you with a truly custom, comfortable, protective fit. You can pick up a pair for yourself here and read our full review here.

4e92c611-c782-4712-8287-dbac30241a4eAnkle Shin Guards

Because of the additional protection they provide, ankle shin guards are most popular with youth or intermediate players. This type of shin guard offers additional padding on both sides of the ankle to shield it from kicks and features a stirrup running underneath the foot to keep the padding in place. It also features an elastic strap that wraps around the calf to provide a secure fit. Some ankle guards can be removed from the shin guard.

espinillera-nike-protegga-flex-pl.jpgBest Pick: Nike Protegga Flex Shin Guards

The Nike Protegga Flex shin guards are an all around durable, comfortable, and protective pair of shin guards that will last a long time. Crafted from a high quality K-resin material, they provide superior protection and coverage from abrasions and tackles on the field. The anatomically correct shell and soft EVA foam backing absorbs the force of impact and offers a comfortable and protective fit while the reinforced padding protects both the ankle and the achilles tendon. The ankle guard is removable on the Protegga Flex, therefore allowing you to choose the level of protection you want. The elastic strap at the top wraps around your calf, ensuring a secure fit. The Protegga Flex is available in a variety of colors, giving you many choices to choose from. You can pick up a pair for yourself on Amazon.