Storelli SpeedGrip Insole Review

Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewStorelli knows that the stock insoles found in every new pair of soccer cleats are not optimized for traction, causing your feet to slide and slowing your reaction time when it makes all the difference. That’s why they created their new SpeedGrip insole. By adding grip to your cleats, they help you gain traction and focus on your game. We put them to the test to find out how they perform and if they’re worth the $40 price tag.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles Review

Tech Specs

The idea of anti-slip insoles would sound good to any athlete, but how exactly do they work? The top layer of the insole is made of a proprietary suede-like grip material that is very effective at gripping socks, therefore eliminating slippage underneath your feet during play. It offers increased traction in both dry and wet conditions. Besides grip, these insoles are designed to give you a more responsive feel, more stability, and more speed, hence the name “SpeedGrip.”

The SpeedGrip insoles measure a mere 3mm thin and weigh around one ounce, about the same thickness and weight as the stock insoles that come with every new pair of soccer cleats. They feature a patented heel cup design to lock your feet in place and give you that extra grip that stock insoles don’t give you. In addition, they’re enhanced with anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odors. However, these insoles aren’t for everyone; they’re not recommended to players with very sensitive feet.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles Review

The Verdict

Upon first glance, you’re probably wondering why these insoles have a tail, or a piece of material extending upwards at the back of the heel. Made of the same suede-like grip material as seen on the insole itself, the tail or heel tab serves a purpose of smoothing out the heel cup crinkles that are created when you put on the boots. All it takes is some slight adjusting and tugging on the heel tab to get the heel cup to sit flush with the boot’s heel liner. If you were thinking of cutting the tail off, that’s not such a good idea; it’s the only way to smooth out the heel cup inside the boot for a comfortable fit.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewNot many soccer insoles feature this built-in heel cup and heel tab, but it’s very effective at eliminating slippage in the heel liner area, an area highly susceptible to blisters (and we all know friction causes blisters). Storelli’s SpeedGrip insoles cover all bases when it comes to providing grip; the forefoot, mid foot, heel, and heel liner, where most soccer insoles only cover the first three areas and skimp on the last one.Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewAt the back of the heel tab and underneath the toes, there are stickers that you need to peel off before inserting the insoles into your boots; they ensure that the insoles remain stationary inside your boots. The foam base of the insole is nothing too fancy; it’s just a single layer of foam with perforations in the forefoot area. These insoles are very thin and low profile, so they’ll definitely fit into any pair of soccer cleats. If anything, the heel area is slightly thicker than what you’ll find on stock insoles, but these will still easily fit into any pair of boots (it might be trickier to fit the heel cup/heel tab into boots with more padded heel liners, though).Storelli Soccer SpeedGrip Insoles ReviewThe suede-like grip material covering the surface of the insole is very effective at eliminating slippage and increasing grip inside your boots. By gripping well to socks, it allows you to have a more instantaneous reaction time and get a more responsive feel during play. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing these SpeedGrip insoles over stock insoles because of the noticeable grip they provide underfoot. For those who are familiar with TRUsox grip socks, these insoles would be considered in competition with them. TRUsox socks provide grip between your foot and the sock and your sock and the boot, whereas Storelli SpeedGrip insoles only provide grip between your sock and the boot. However, after testing both products separately, I wouldn’t say one is necessarily more effective than the other; both do a great job of providing grip inside your boots.

Forty dollars might seem like a hefty price to pay for a pair of insoles, but considering how effective these are in reducing slippage, we believe they’re worth it. With their unique heel cup/heel tab construction and a width and weight similar to that of stock insoles, they truly are unlike anything else on the market. Plus, you can use them for other sports, too; they’re best suited for sports where agility, sprinting, and foot control are particularly important. Want a pair for yourself? Click here.

Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole Review

Currex CleatPro Soccer Insole Review

Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole ReviewUnfortunately, we’re all used to the cheap, thin foam insoles that come inside every new pair of soccer cleats (even the $300 ones). They lack arch support, cushioning, and comfort, something soccer players shouldn’t have to play without. Therefore, Currex have created the CleatPro insole which features an improved forefoot pad for comfort, an anti-slip top surface, and a triple layer cage construction for breathability. Simply put, they’re not your average cheap insoles; they’re way better. We put them to the test to see how they feel and perform underfoot.       Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole Review

Tech Specs 

Currex’s new CleatPro insole is equipped with an anti-slip top surface and an improved forefoot pad for comfort, speed push, and rapid acceleration. It’s specifically designed for all field sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and rugby, and all court sports, such as tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball, and pickle ball. A triple layer cage construction allows for optimal breathability underfoot while Poron foam in the rear and forefoot absorb shock. IMG_3486In addition, the insole features a decoupled heel which allows the heel to remain stable while the arch naturally pronates. It’s designed to reduce foot pressure and fatigue, improve performance, and prevent injuries by reducing stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons, the cause of many injuries in the foot, knee, and hips. All sizes (low, medium, and high profile) differ in density and size of the arch support to respect different forces and weight of players. World class soccer professionals like Rafinha Alcántara currently use Currex CleatPro insoles, and, in regards to the design, the lines on the left and right insoles are together the passing lines of the final goal from Mario Götze in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Talk about a design with meaning!

To fit the insole to the exact size of your cleat, the insole is designed to be trim to fit. If the CleatPro insole is too big, place your current cleat insole on top of the CleatPro, use a pen to mark the edge, and cut the excess material with a scissor. CleatPro insoles come in three different sizes (low, medium, and high profile) to cater to your exact arch, flex, and knee shape. They’re available to purchase here.IMG_3485

The Verdict

The big question is how do these insoles stack up against the other replacement insoles currently on the market? Are they better or worse? The short answer is yes, they’re much better…let us explain why.

Firstly, unlike custom orthotics that are usually too bulky and stiff for soccer cleats, the CleatPro insoles are thin and have a low enough profile to fit into any soccer cleat—any brand, any model. During my testing period, I found it very convenient to slip them in and out of different boots and have them fit perfectly in each one. They’re nearly as thin as the stock insoles that come with your cleats but are much more comfortable, durable, and supportive.

All you need is one training session with the CleatPros underfoot to see why they’re the insoles you’ll never want play without; the comfort, grip, and support is immediately noticeable. You do have to pay somewhat of a pretty penny for these insoles, though…they cost fifty US dollars per pair. If you can bear the cost, why wouldn’t you want something that’s much more comfortable and supportive than what you currently have?Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole ReviewThe white arch support element (which comes in three different heights—low, medium, and high profile) on the underside of the insole is thin yet strong and flexible, making for a very comfortable experience underfoot. Because it’s flexible, it can bend in the direction that your cleat is bending, therefore producing proper flex and foot movement; the last thing you want is to have your game messed up because your cleat is flexed, but your insole is not. Once you discover what your arch height is for these insoles (watch this video to figure it out), you’ll no longer have to live with excess or dead space inside the boot, something you might not have even noticed before but makes a sizable difference when it comes to comfort and overall fit.IMG_3473The silicone-like grip element placed on top of the liner is located in three different key areas; at the forefoot, the midfoot, and the heel. By tackling all three “zones” of the foot, it grips it very well, preventing any slippage on the top surface of the insole. This is something you likely won’t find on any other soccer cleat replacement insoles.Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole ReviewThe mesh liner is soft to the touch and has proven to not only be comfortable, but durable, too. On the bottom of the insole, Currex have incorporated a Poron foam insert into the heel for shock absorption and cushioning. They’ve also incorporated a denser, rubber-like foam at the base of the forefoot for even more cushioning. Despite inserting foam pads into the underside of the insole, Currex have managed to keep the insole lightweight (it’s just slightly heavier than the cheap, bare bones stock insole) and thin; this just goes to show that you can have both comfort and thinness, a combination we don’t usually see from custom orthotics.Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole ReviewWithout a doubt, the Currex CleatPro insoles are worth the money because of the comfort, arch support, cushioning, and grip they provide; they provide all of these things better than any other soccer replacement insole currently on the market, all while maintaining a low profile so they’ll always fit into any pair of soccer cleats. These are insoles you buy to immediately replace the stock ones with, so if you’re looking for a new pair of boots but trying to stick to a budget, keep the price of these in mind…it’s safe to say you won’t regret spending the fifty bucks on these.
Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole Review

Unequal protective cushioning action contact sports insoles soccer football lacrosse comfortable cushioned

Unequal Cushioning Sports Insoles Review

Unequal protective cushioning action contact sports insoles soccer football lacrosse comfortable cushionedIt’s common for all athletes—both pro and amateur—to suffer from foot, ankle, knee, and lower back pain, which can affect one’s health, mood, and energy level. You can reduce the risk of these injuries by replacing your current insoles with ones that absorb and disperse shock. Unequal Cushioning Sports Insoles provide 24% better shock dissipation compared to typical OEM insoles, reducing the risk of foot injuries and leaving you with more end-of-day energy. We put them to the test to see how they perform underfoot, so keep reading to see if these are the insoles for you.IMG_3111

Tech Specs

For insoles promising to reduce the risk of foot injury, you’re probably wondering how they can do so. Well, they provide 24% better shock dissipation compared to typical OEM insoles, offer orthotic grade arch support, and feature military grade coated aramid fabric to help block the shock. In addition, they feature a low-friction top cloth, a deep heel cup, fast compression rebound, and heel strike gel cushioning for comfort. An anti-microbial coating helps to reduce odor, ensuring the insoles remain stink-free after every practice and game. They’re best suited for football, lacrosse, and action sports, and since each insole weighs less than 2 ounces, you won’t even notice them beneath your feet. The Unequal Cushioning Sports Insoles are available to purchase here.Unequal protective cushioning action contact sports insoles soccer football lacrosse comfortable cushioned

The Verdict

From the very first step you take with the Unequal insoles underfoot, you immediately notice how much better they feel compared to the insoles that come with your cleats or sneakers. Made out of cheap foam and feeling overly thin, the stock insoles lack any sort of viable comfort, support, or cushioning, leaving you with a subpar experience when running or playing sports. 

With Unequal’s Cushioning Sports Insoles, you have much more cushioning underneath your feet, especially in the heel area; Unequal have inserted TPR GEL Pods into the heels to cushion heel strike impact and reduce heel pressure. This is one of my favorite features about these insoles because they drastically enhance the comfort underfoot, making it feel like you’re walking on clouds. Paired with the orthotic grade arch support in the midfoot, they leave you with more energy to run faster and farther on your runs or during your workouts.IMG_3104The coated aramid fabric handles shock dissipation very well, especially during box jump exercises when you’re repeatedly sticking a landing. This exercise can easily take a toll on your feet, legs, or knees, but when you’ve got Unequal insoles inside your shoes, you can just focus on your workout instead of any pain or discomfort you might sustain.

The forefoot crash pad is made of Spenco’s SpenCore material, which cushions and reduces pressure in the forefoot area. Running throughout the entire insole is Spenco’s Polysorb PU foam, which provides cushioning and impact suppression in all areas of the foot. With multiple layers of cushioning and shock absorption materials, this insole is best for people who stand or walk for long periods of time, or for those who engage in high-impact sports, such as soccer. For athletes who work, you can wear them in your soccer cleats and in your work shoes for comfort and support underneath your feet at all times. Unequal protective cushioning action contact sports insoles soccer football lacrosse comfortable cushionedA concoction of premium fabrics, gels, and foams is what makes the Unequal Cushioning Sports Insoles so comfortable to wear inside your shoes. Whether you choose to wear them in cleats or sneakers is up to you, but they perform very well in both, providing you with cushioning comfort, shock absorption, and impact suppression so you can focus on your performance. You can purchase a pair of the Unequal Cushioning Sports Insoles for yourself here.Unequal protective cushioning action contact sports insoles soccer football lacrosse comfortable cushioned


GloveStix Sports Gear Odor Control Review

glovestixGloveStix are a patent pending odor management system that, when placed into your sports gloves or shoes after practice or games, absorb harmful moisture, eliminate odors, and inhibit 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth on the product surface. They work well in lacrosse gloves, hockey gloves, goalkeeper gloves, skates, sneakers, boots, boxing gloves, and more. They’re available to purchase here.

glovestixTech Specs

-Patent pending odor management system

-Designed to easily insert into gloves and shoes when not in use

-Comes with 2 deodorizing insert bags

-Works over a 24 hour time period

-Infused with Silver Seal Technology that provides antimicrobial protection

-Absorbs harmful moisture and eliminates odors

-Inhibits 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth on the product surface

-Fresh scented insert should be replaced every 90 days for optimum performance

-Fits lacrosse gloves, hockey gloves, goalkeeper gloves, skates, sneakers, boots, boxing gloves, and more

GloveStix are available for $29.99 USD per pair here.

glovestixglovestixMy Thoughts

After testing the GloveStix in both a stinky pair of soccer cleats and a sweaty pair of goalkeeper gloves, I am truly impressed with how well the product works. They do an amazing job of eliminating the odor and moisture in my cleats and gloves in just 24 hours, which is super convenient if you have practice or games two days in a row. I come home from practice, put the GloveStix in my cleats, and they are as fresh as new and ready to go for the next day. All the moisture miraculously gets absorbed by the sticks, and the foul, sweaty odor is eliminated. GloveStix were also able to absorb the moisture in my goalkeeper gloves, keeping them dry, comfortable, and stink-free. It’s uncomfortable to put back on damp, sweaty, smelly gloves after a hot summer session; thankfully, with GloveStix, I don’t have to anymore. The two fresh scented inserts last for about 3 months (depending on the amount of moisture in the shoes or gloves) before they need to be replaced. Refill bags are available for $7.95 USD (Set of 2) on their website. For $29.99 USD per pair, GloveStix are a great investment for players with stinky sports equipment. They are capable of working in lacrosse gloves, hockey gloves, goalkeeper gloves, skates, sneakers, boots, boxing gloves, and more. Overall, I am very satisfied with how well GloveStix held up to their odor eliminating, moisture absorbing, and bacteria inhibiting claims and definitely recommend them to all athletes with stinky gear. You can pick up a pair for yourself here. glovestixglovestix

Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble Rebounder Review

IMG_5854Used by top clubs and players, the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is a soccer rebounder with two functional sides; one with a more controlled rebound for passing and improving your touch, and the other for unpredictable bounces, helping to improve your reaction speeds and responses. The lightweight, portable, pre-assembled, and adjustable rebounder is available on Amazon.

IMG_5851Tech Specs

-Adjustable angled frame for variations in height of the ball return, hence range of drills you can perform

-Features two usable rebound nets, one on each side

-Smaller net side returns small balls (such as baseballs, softballs, tennis balls, etc.) in an unpredictable manner to train coordination/reflex skills and large balls (soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.) in a predictable manner

-Best selling, medium sized model with rubber feet for indoor and outdoor use

-Lightweight and portable; already assembled for instant use

-Durable with super strong patented net technology

-Includes Crazy Catch level 2 vision ball, Crazy Catch timer, Activity pack with scorecard, throwing targets, and a carry bag

The Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is available for approx. $150 USD on Amazon.

IMG_5845IMG_5832My Thoughts

Set Up: The Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble does not need to be set up; all you have to do is take it out of the carry bag (which is very helpful in transporting the rebounder) and adjust the angled frame to whichever setting you’d like. I found adjusting the angle to be a bit difficult; you have to bend down and go under the already pretty small rebounder to adjust it. When you’re done using the rebounder, it folds up quickly and easily; you simply unclip the adjustment bar and fold the rebounder flat.

IMG_5848IMG_5849Performance: After using this rebounder for over a month now, I must say I am very happy with it. It stays in place pretty well when throwing a soccer ball at it, the net surface area is a good size for juggling and kicking, the net tension is strong, the frame is durable and sturdy, and there are several different drills you can do with it. I am both a midfielder and a goalkeeper and I found this rebounder very useful in improving my skills for both positions. It’s very useful for working on your first touch, juggling, passing, catching, etc. and the adjustable angled frame gives you several different ball return height options. The “insane” side of the rebounder (larger squares) returns the ball in an unpredictable manner forcing you to stay ready, focused, and on your toes because you never know where the ball is going to go. I like this side of the rebounder because it helps improve reaction speeds, the difference maker between a save and a goal conceded for a goalkeeper.

IMG_5834IMG_5840Overall, the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is a great rebounder for players looking to improve their touch and skills. The rebounder is sturdy, durable, lightweight, portable, and is perfect for either outdoor or indoor use. If you’re looking for a high quality and affordable rebounder that will last you a long time, the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is definitely worth looking into. For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing, visit Amazon and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.IMG_5821IMG_5817