T1TAN Blue Beast Goalkeeper Glove Review

T1TAN Blue Beast professional affordable soccer goalkeeper gloves reviewA new game glove from popular German goalkeeping brand T1TAN, the Blue Beast is equipped with professional level materials and offers a snug, second-skin fit. We put them to the test to see how they perform and if they’re worth the $70 price tag. 

Tech Specs

T1TAN’s Blue Beast goalkeeper gloves are intended for game use due to the professional level materials they’re made of. They feature 4mm of Gecko Grip latex on a negative cut with wrapped fingertips for unprecedented ball control. They also feature latex wrapped thumbs for increased latex-to-ball contact.IMG_4841On the backhand, their new punching zone is made of ultra-light silicone and the body of the glove is made of Mechano material for a lightweight and comfortable feel. An elastic double wrap wrist strap allows you to customize the fit of your gloves while an extended length elastic cuff and latex tab make it easier to slide your hands into the gloves.

The T1TAN Blue Beast goalkeeper gloves are available in sizes 6-12 for approximately $70 USD or £54.99/59,99 € here.IMG_4850

The Verdict

T1TAN’s Blue Beast goalkeeper gloves offer a close to the hand, second skin fit. They fit extremely similar to the popular adidas Predator Pro gloves that have been on the market for over a year now. They feel solidly built but also very flexible, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The fit is snug but not overwhelmingly so, so as long as you don’t have very thick hands, these should fit you well.IMG_4862The negative cut with wrapped fingertips fits very snug on your fingers. It’s not too tight or uncomfortable, though; I enjoy the fit of this negative cut. The only thing I don’t like is the extra room in the pinky fingers; there is excess space at the top and on the outer side of the pinky fingers. All of my other fingers filled out the glove’s fingers well except for the pinky. Also, I wasn’t a fan of how short the glove’s fingers are; the glove’s finger crotches, or the base of the glove’s fingers, are higher up than where my actual finger crotches are. I found this to be weird since my fingers aren’t abnormally long for my glove size; I’d actually consider them to be on the shorter side, yet I still found excess space in between the base of my actual fingers and the base of the glove’s fingers. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s a bit noticeable when you’re wearing the gloves.IMG_4860During testing, I found the 4mm of Gecko Grip latex to have a very impressive grip. It performs very similarly to contact latex, a well-known latex found on many professional level goalkeeper gloves from Nike, adidas, and Puma. For a glove costing around $70, that’s a very impressive latex to have; the big brands charge almost double that for their gloves with contact latex. Not to mention, the latex abrasion zone is a nice added feature as it makes the most commonly ripped part of the palms more durable so it’s less likely to rip. T1TAN is all about offering professional quality goalkeeper gloves for affordable prices, and that’s definitely holding true with their Blue Beast model.IMG_4866Once you peel the protective plastic off of the palms, it’s best to pre-wash the gloves to wash off any chemicals put in the latex for storing and shipping the gloves; this will help improve the grip and the life of the latex palms. I’ve tested the Blue Beasts in many games and I noticed that the Gecko Grip latex has held up very well; there are no noticeable rips or signs of deterioration anywhere. I only recommend these gloves for games considering the incredible grip they have; it wouldn’t make sense to use a professional level latex in training (unless you’re a professional player, of course).IMG_4847As for closure, the elastic double wrap wrist strap is very stretchy and allows you to choose how tight you want your fit. The extended length elastic cuff fits very comfortably on my wrist and paired with the helpful latex tab stitched onto the end of the cuff, makes getting the gloves on very easy. These gloves are really easy to put on and take off.IMG_4856The backhand material, Mechano fabric, provides a very comfortable feel on hand. The material is thin and lightweight and has a bit of padding underneath it for backhand cushioning. The silicone punching zone is a nice touch as it allows you to punch the ball away with power without feeling the effects of doing so. In crafting this glove, T1TAN included everything a goalkeeper glove could need without adding unnecessary items, resulting in a simple, effective goalkeeper glove.IMG_4870If you’re after a goalkeeper glove with a second skin fit, an impressive grip, and a relatively affordable price tag (many other independent goalkeeping brands offer extremely similar gloves for similar prices, although compared to adidas’ Predator Pro gloves, these are nearly the same and $50 cheaper), the T1TAN Blue Beast goalkeeper glove is the glove for you. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, click here.IMG_4831


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