Adidas Releases New Initiator Pack

Adidas Releases New Initiator Pack Football BootsToday adidas has released the new Initiator Pack featuring the Nemeziz, Predator, X, and Copa reworked in white, black, and red colorways. The various boots will be worn on pitch by some of adidas’ biggest players beginning in November. Take a closer look at the new boots and learn how you can get them for yourself.Adidas Releases New Initiator Pack Football Boots Nemeziz 18+

Initiator Nemeziz 18+

Designed to enhance the performance of the game’s most agile players, the latest Nemeziz colorway includes an AGILITYBANDAGE with TORSIONTAPES technology, providing ultimate lockdown of the foot. A dual-lock collar secures the ankle and allows for explosive change of direction while an AGILITYKNIT 2.0 interlocking yarn structure provides a soft direct touch and a lightweight feel. The new Initiator Nemeziz will be worn by Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino. They’re available to purchase here.Adidas Releases New Initiator Pack Football Boots X 18+

Initiator X 18+

The X 18+ is designed to provide stability and support at high speeds. A laceless upper locks down the midfoot and a low-cut CLAW COLLAR construction features a stretch material that secures the foot in place. The SKELETAL WEAVE is compiled of an ultra-thin woven grid of optically charged speed yarns to allow for responsive touch and lightweight feel. The ultra-soft SPEEDMESH offers a controlled touch without restricting the movement of the foot. A SPEEDFRAME outsole features lightweight, Drillium engineered tooling and minimalistic construction while a 3D MOULDED HEEL provides a snug and stable fit designed to lock the foot in place during acceleration. The new Initiator X will be worn by Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus. They’re available to purchase here.Adidas Releases New Initiator Pack Football Boots Predator 19+

Initiator Predator 19+

The Predator 19+ features a PURECUT Laceless system to deliver maximum surface control. A FORGED KNIT integrated midfoot structure creates medial and lateral stability while a full length BOOST midsole provides energy return with every step. The boot also includes a Primeknit SOCKFIT collar to ensure a supportive and comfortable fit and a layer of CONTROLSKIN to provide optimal grip. An anatomical upper mimics the shape of the heel to lock the foot into place. The new Initiator Predator will be worn by Manchester United’s Paul Pogba. They’re available to purchase here. Adidas Releases New Initiator Pack Football Boots Copa 19+

Initiator Copa 19+

Lastly, the new Copa 19+ blends tradition with modernity with a striking new design and innovative performance technology, making it adidas’ most progressive boot to date. The Sockfit collar is engineered to naturally expand to foot shape to ensure a supportive fit while an anatomical upper mimics a barefoot experience. The new Fusion Skin is an evolution of the COPA’s classic leather treatment that features a seamless and less permeable skin, re-defining touch for a football boot. The K-leather itself is super soft, providing optimal comfort and touch. The X Ray Vamp brings the foot closer to the ball and reduces slippage while the Purecut laceless upper remove unneeded layers to maximize ball control area. The first edition of the Copa 19+ comes as part of the Initiator Pack and will be worn by Juventus’ Paulo Dybala. They’re available to purchase here.

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