Aviata Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Goalkeeper Glove Review

Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewA good-looking, snug-fitting match glove, Aviata presents quite possibly their best goalkeeper glove yet. With an abundance of features such as Contact latex, a rubber punch pad, and, quite frankly, an entire glove that fits and acts like a sleeve, the Solar Burst Maestro V7 could be an excellent contender for your next pair of game gloves. Keep reading to find out if they’re the gloves for you.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves Review

Tech Specs

The Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 is equipped with 4mm of professional level German Contact latex, dubbed “Magnetik Contact Pro” latex by Aviata Sports. Along with that comes 4mm of backing foam for shock absorption. The hybrid cut sees a mixture between a negative cut for the two middle fingers and a half negative/half roll finger cut for the two outside fingers. The gussets in between are made of latex. By combining two different cuts, you can achieve the best of both worlds; a snug fit and maximum latex-to-ball contact. What goalkeeper wouldn’t want that? You can also find latex rolled over and under the thumb and on the side of the glove for greater ball control and even more latex-to-ball contact. Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewvThe body of the glove is comprised of what Aviata calls “pro-flow ultra mesh,” which is really just breathable mesh. Similar to the previous Aviata glove we reviewed (you can read that review here), this glove doesn’t feature a legitimate wristband. Instead, the entire glove is one piece, essentially acting as a sleeve, allowing you to get the gloves on and off easier. Aviata calls this area the “Pro Long Cuff” since it more so resembles a cuff, or the end of a sleeve, rather than a wristband. The backhand is completely bare expect for the latex over the fingers and the rubber punch pad over the knuckles.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewThe wrist strap, titled “SideWinder Cross Wrap Stretch Strap System,” sits higher up on the hand than usual, which is only possible because the glove is just the mesh body or “sleeve.” To wrap the wrist strap, you grab it from the outside, bring it towards you, and wrap it around your wrist twice. The first wrap around starts off at a downward angle; you have to make sure that the strap is at an even angle with the black Aviata design on the backhand so you don’t end up wrapping the strap over the latex palm. At the end of the wrist strap, a small but functional rubber pull tab prevents the latex fingertips from touching the velcro on the wrist strap, something that can result in ripping of the delicate latex.

Lastly, let’s talk protection. This glove features five removable fingersaves which can be removed through the zipper entry on the lower backhand. You can take all of them out or just some of them out if you wish; each fingersave is independent of one another.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves Review

The Verdict

Now that we got the tech specs out of the way, let’s get into the fit and performance. 

The Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 is a snug fitting glove, more so when the fingersaves are in. When they’re out, the fit isn’t as snug, and I noticed there’s a little bit of wiggle room in the fingers. Either way, the fit in both the fingers and the glove in general is super comfortable. The hybrid cut between negative and roll finger is one of my favorite cuts because of the comfort and abundance of latex it provides. Featuring an improved design, the double latex wrapped thumb fits more snug and has less excess space than it did on previous Aviata gloves. Aviata achieved this by keeping the thumb normal as if it didn’t have latex wrapping underneath it, and instead stitching on a piece of the palm latex just on the outside of the thumb. This allows the thumb to fit more snug, something I noticed immediately and was very glad to see.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewThe 4mm of backing foam (the foam directly behind the latex palm) does a great job of absorbing the shock and impact of hard shots. The Contact latex, which is a professional level latex that should be used for games, holds onto shots with ease after a pre-wash. A pre-wash is necessary for all goalkeeper gloves in order to get the storing and shipping chemicals washed off of the latex palms; in turn, this improves the grip. Like with all Aviata gloves that feature Contact latex, I felt very confident making saves in these gloves.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewA common theme with Aviata’s latest glove collection, this glove is essentially a sleeve that you slide on to wear. This design seems to have grown in popularity over the last few months with tons of goalkeeping brands implementing it on their own gloves, and while I haven’t tried every other brand’s implementation yet, I can say that Aviata has done it masterfully. It’s comfortable, functional, and lightweight, more so than the traditional wristband stitched onto the glove body, making you wonder why no one created this design sooner. After wearing these, I find it hard to want to go back to the traditional glove construction.

Aviata’s sleeve design, besides being extremely lightweight and comfy, also makes for more possibilities in the closure and structure department. On the inside of the glove, a soft, plush lining extends from the fingertips to the end of the cuff with no interruptions. Having that extra cushioning, especially hugging around your wrist, makes the gloves extra comfortable and enjoyable to wear. Again, this is another reason why you might think twice before putting on an “old” style glove again.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewIn terms of closure, the elastic wrist strap is placed higher up on the side of the glove to not only look unique and different, but, more importantly, to provide more support. When the strap is correctly wrapped around your wrist, it covers more of the backhand than the typical wrist strap set up does, therefore offering more support in the wrist area. When goalkeeping brands try too hard to make their gloves look “cool,” they often aren’t very practical in their design; that’s not the case with Aviata, though. They’ve mastered the ability for a glove to not only look unique and innovative, but to be functional in its design, too.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewOne last thing I’d like to touch on is the brand new fingersave pouch. I find it frustrating when goalkeeper gloves are equipped with velcro entry to remove the fingersaves because it often requires much more effort to open it up than is needed, and the entry is often too small to fit your fingers in anyway. Zippers are never a problem, so that’s why I’m glad Aviata included a zipper entry for the removable fingersaves on their new line of gloves. It’s integrated so well into the glove body that you hardly even notice it’s there. Not to mention, when you’re wearing the gloves, it’s completely covered up leaving you with just the bold, bright design that this glove boasts.Aviata Sports Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves ReviewThere are tons of new and unique goalkeeper gloves currently on the market, but Aviata continues to innovate and improve with every new glove model they put out; the Stretta Solar Burst Maestro V7 is no exception. How much does a glove like this cost? Eighty dollars. Is it worth it? Considering the incredible grip, comfort, fit, innovation, and design, most definitely; Aviata have yet again hit the nail on the head with providing professional quality goalkeeper gloves for affordable prices. Get 15% off your pair (or 15% off anything on aviatasports.com and soxprousa.com) when you use our code TSR15. You can purchase these gloves here.

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