Unequal Halo 1 Protective Headgear Review

soccer sports concussion headgear headband protection unequal halo reviewWith millions of sports players getting concussions each year, it’s imperative that players protect themselves to reduce the risk of getting one. Slipping on a lightweight, comfortable, and protective Unequal headband can reduce concussion risk as much as 74%, according to Virginia Tech’s extensive independent research. Knowing you’re protected means saying goodbye to the possibility of having headaches, blurry vision, and difficulty thinking clearly, all side effects of a cerebral concussion. The headband is available to purchase here.

Tech Specs

The Unequal Halo 1 headband is a must have for any sports player who experiences frequent collision and contact during play. What makes it one of the best protective headbands on the market is the fact that it reduces concussion risk by 74% and is rated ‘Best Available’ by Virginia Tech. It provides great protection for falls, collisions, and headers, and is especially great for practice drills where the head is at repetitive risk. It does not alter ball rebound, speed, or direction; it simply absorbs and disperses impact to keep you protected.

Constructed from military grade, patented, and coated aramid fabric, the Halo 1 meets all aspects of American Society for Testing and Materials’ headgear standard and is FIFA Law 4 compliant (The players’ equipment – dangerous equipment or jewelry is not allowed to be worn, but soft headbands are allowed). It features a nylon outer layer, closed-cell Accelleron foam, Kevlar, 360 degrees of impact protection, and velcro for a custom fit. The aramid fabric and other advanced materials handle blunt force trauma and impact shock better than typical plastics and foams, making the Unequal Halo 1 a top choice for players looking for extra protection.soccer sports concussion headgear headband protection unequal halo reviewWeighing in at 4.12 ounces and measuring 10mm thick, the Halo 1 is one of the most lightweight, slender, and comfortable protective headbands on the market. The velcro closure makes it adjustable to your head size, so it can fit your head perfectly without fitting too tight or too loose. Because of its streamlined design and lightweight performance fabrics, you no longer need to sacrifice comfort for protection, and you don’t need to look silly wearing headgear, either. The Unequal Halo 1 headband is available to purchase here.

The Verdict

The Halo 1 sounds like it’s one of the most comfortable and protective headbands on the market, but how does it really perform? I put it through its paces to find out.

I tested the headband for several months in both training and games and I must admit—it’s pretty awesome. Originally, I wasn’t sure that a combination of comfort, protection, breathability, and durability could exist, but Unequal quickly proved me wrong. Aside from the incredible protection this headband provides (which we’ll touch on shortly), my favorite thing about it is how thin and minimal it looks compared to other headbands on the market. We’ve all seen the bulky, full-head helmet worn by Petr Cech, but who really wants to attract everyone’s attention by wearing such prominent headgear? Something as noticeable and bulky-looking as a helmet is what prevents most people from wanting to wear protective headgear in the first place. Thankfully, Unequal is showing us that we can have both protection and a slender design, something that has got more players opting for extra protection on the pitch.IMG_2493In regards to protection, the most important part of the headband, Unequal is unrivaled. The Halo 1 features a battle ready composite fortified with Accelleron and Kevlar. Kevlar is a patented lightweight fiber used in law enforcement and the military, and when woven into a sheet, it’s five times stronger than steel. On the other hand, Accelleron is an elastomer with amazingly durable cushioning qualities that multiplies shock absorption capabilities. With these two protective materials combined into a composite, the Halo 1 is capable of handling blunt force trauma and impact shock better than typical plastics and foams. Whether you collide forehead to forehead, forehead to post, or head to ground, this headband will protect you and lower the risk of getting a concussion.soccer sports concussion headgear headband protection unequal halo reviewWhile testing, I got into several collisions with other players. Some of those collisions were head to head which, without a headband, would be beyond painful and dangerous. In the past, I’ve witnessed my unprotected teammates go in for a 50/50 ball from a throw in, bang heads with their mark, and immediately fall down onto the ground. Tears start rolling down their face and the coaches come running over. In one particular case, my teammate had to be carried away immediately because she had trouble speaking—she was diagnosed with a severe concussion a few days later. It’s always devastating to see these things happen, especially knowing that that could be you. Thankfully, the Halo 1 protected me during those collisions and gave me the confidence to play harder.

Worn by USWNT player Ali Krieger in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Unequal headband is the perfect solution for those looking to up their safety on the pitch. It may just look like any other headband, but it offers serious protection to reduce the risk of getting a cerebral concussion. You can purchase the Unequal Halo 1 headband here.soccer sports concussion headgear headband protection unequal halo review


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