Concave Volt+ Knit Soccer Cleat Review

IMG_2432After watching the big three sports brands (Nike, adidas, and Puma) implement and perfect knitted football boots, Concave is now taking a stab at it as well with their new Volt+ Knit. Featuring an advanced micro-yarn upper with a knitted “sock” design, the Volt+ Knit caters to the changing demands of the game while staying true to the brand’s identity. In typical Concave fashion, you can find Concave’s patented Powerstrike element integrated into the upper. They’re available to purchase here. IMG_2418Tech Specs

The Volt+ Knit, labeled as a “speed” boot, features a Micro-Yarn Techstitch upper that provides a lightweight, soft-touch feel without compromising comfort and durability. This latest innovation includes a fully integrated Concave Powerstrike Design that is built into the upper, including a knitted “sock” design for extra comfort. The outsole is clear print TPU injection with a moulded, oval stud configuration for high traction on all natural surfaces. F3 (Football Form Fit) unique dual-lacing system technology snugly supports players’ feet without contorting the foots natural form. The Concave Volt+ Knit football boots are available to purchase here. IMG_2417The Look

When I first laid eyes on these boots, I’ll admit it—I thought they looked like clunky baseball cleats. If I’m being honest, I still think that. For Concave’s first try at a knitted boot, it doesn’t look terrible, but since it’s considered a “speed” boot, looking clunky definitely does not help its case. Also, for $249.99, many Nike and Adidas boots arguably look much better than these. Concave definitely has their work cut out for them for the next generation of Volt+ Knit. The Blue/White/Red colorway is nice and simple; if you’re a USA, France, or England fan, you’ll probably like this colorway. IMG_2420Performance

The main feature of the Concave Volt+ Knit is, of course, the knit “Techstitch” upper. On foot, it feels pretty comfortable and flexible. The knit feels soft and high quality, and the boot feels quite durable. However, I wouldn’t consider this “speed” boot thin or lightweight. Compared to the Vapor 12 Elite, Nike’s current speed boot, these definitely feel a bit heavier, clunkier, and thicker. The touch on the ball has a decent amount of grip and feels slightly more padded than the Vapor 12 Elite. The knitted “sock” design is basically a one inch thick elastic knit ring around the ankle that lacks any sort of protective coating, making it very stretchy and soft like a sock. This reminds me exactly of the adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit from early 2016, since that boot had the same exact thing. IMG_2425Concave masterfully integrated the patented Powerstrike Design into the knit upper of the boot, a task that seems tricky considering the soft nature of the upper. Originally, I was skeptical of the plastic Powerstrike piece laying underneath the knit in the “tongue” area as I thought it would bunch up or move around, but Concave have reinforced this piece very well by stitching a supportive, padded base with a pull tab directly underneath it. However, it’s extremely difficult to tell whether this piece adds any power to your strikes (its intended purpose), and since it just creates unnecessary bulk in the laces area, it may be doing more harm than good. I’m sure this boot would look and feel a lot less clunky and bulky without this piece, but then again, the whole point of a Concave boot is that every model has this plastic Powerstrike element that’s supposed to increase shot power. IMG_2428The TPU soleplate is very durable, flexible, and lightweight. Concave has been using this material for years now, serving as a perfect example of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” The oval stud configuration provides great traction on firm, natural grass. There’s a pull tab at the back of the heel to help you get the boots on easier, but it’s completely useless because you can’t even put a finger through it. A larger, more functional pull tab would make getting on the boots much easier. IMG_2424Fit & Feel

In the beginning, it felt awkward tying the laces directly on top of the plastic Powerstrike element, but with time, I got used to it. You’re still able to achieve a snug fit and proper lockdown despite the element adding extra bulk in the laces area. When the laces are tied tightly, the knit upper hugs your foot nice and snug and provides a comfortable, secure fit. In typical speed boot fashion, the Volt+ Knit fits pretty narrow; if you have very wide feet, I recommend staying away from these boots. In terms of sizing, I recommend going down half a size to achieve the best fit possible. IMG_2421The Verdict 

There was a lot to be said with the comfortable yet clunky-looking Volt+ Knit; from the soft micro-yarn upper to the unique Powerstrike Design element, there’s a lot going on with this boot. It’s arguable whether it’s worth the $249.99 price tag. However, one thing is clear: Concave did a decent job for their first ever knitted boot but need to improve on some things for the next one. You can purchase a pair for yourself here. IMG_2413


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