Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution LTD Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_2087Designed for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Reusch’s new limited edition goalkeeper glove features a bold colorway and G3 Fusion latex with durable and wet weather latexes sprinkled throughout. They also feature an evolution cut, a new wrist band area, breathable mesh, and a striking design for this summer’s hottest tournament. They’re available to purchase here.IMG_2090Tech Specs

Palm: G3 Fusion Ultra Soft latex with hard ground and wet weather condition latexes randomly sprinkled throughout.

Cut: Evolution cut with air mesh gussets and Ergonomic Support System (ESS). Latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: Pro latex. Pro Flex technology increases flexibility and Air Vent System increases breathability.

Closure: Asymmetrical slip-on cuff and extended breathable mesh wrist area. One piece half wristband velcro closure. Pull loop stitched onto the cuff.

Finger Protection: None. The Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution Ortho-Tec LTD is the same glove but with finger protection, and they’re available to purchase here.

The Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution LTD goalkeeper gloves are available to purchase here.IMG_2142My Thoughts

Palm: The G3 Fusion Ultra Soft latex excels in dry weather when kept damp but it works well in all weather conditions. It’s very grippy right out of the package and it remains grippy the more you wear the gloves and when the gloves are properly taken care of (washed regularly and kept damp). I was more confident making saves knowing that the grip wouldn’t fail me. The hard ground and wet weather condition latexes randomly sprinkled throughout are a great touch since they make the latex much more durable and better equipped for wet weather; this is a feature that I don’t see on many other goalkeeper glove models so I was glad to see it on this one. Overall, the grip of the latex and how long it remains grippy for is very impressive; that’s why these gloves are intended for advanced and pro level goalkeepers.IMG_2130IMG_2115Cut: While testing these gloves, I really enjoyed how well the evolution cut fit on my fingers. It fits snug but not overwhelmingly so; it’s very comfortable on the fingers and true to size, and the mesh gussets in between the fingers increase breathability. The latex wrapped thumb increases latex-to-ball contact; this is a feature that seems to be on most goalkeeper gloves nowadays. The Ergonomic Support System (ESS) uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre-splayed, enhancing the glove’s comfort and supporting the hand’s natural catching position. This feature makes a noticeable difference while playing in the gloves; having the fingers be pre-splayed feels much more natural and comfortable than having them not be pre-splayed, and it makes me feel more prepared for shots coming my way since it supports the hand’s natural catching position. If I had to pick a pair of game gloves and had a choice between pre-splayed fingers and non pre-splayed fingers, I’d definitely go with pre-splayed.IMG_2132IMG_2138Backhand: The Pro latex found on the backhand is a very soft and high quality latex, which I expected since this is a $135 Reusch game glove, after all. It’s embossed, meaning it has natural flex grooves that allow for a flexible fit on hand. You also get flexibility from Pro Flex technology, a horizontal four-way stretch insert that keeps the backhand flexible in all directions. The Air Vent System, which basically means an air mesh glove body, does a great job of providing maximum ventilation inside the glove. IMG_2128IMG_2135Closure: The asymmetrical slip-on cuff and extended breathable mesh wrist area is something I’ve never seen on a goalkeeper glove before; it serves as a testament to Reusch’s dedication to constantly innovating and improving their goalkeeper gloves. Because it’s asymmetrical, the slip-on cuff or “wristband” extends further down the forearm, making for a more natural and comfortable feel on hand. Just like Nike’s Dynamic Fit Collar is designed to offer a seamless transition from leg to foot, Reusch’s asymmetrical slip-on cuff is designed to offer a seamless transition from arm to hand. In addition to the ESS pre-splayed fingers, this is another reason why I would prefer to wear these Reusch gloves in a game over a pair of gloves without these features. These small details really add up to make a big difference. I was uneasy about the one piece half wristband velcro closure at first since I didn’t know if it was going to provide enough security. After wearing the gloves in several games, this concern quickly went away. Once you wrap the half strap around your wrist and secure it to the velcro, it does not come undone and it actually provides a very secure and supportive fit. The pull loop stitched onto the cuff is a great feature seen on previous Reusch gloves that I’ve reviewed, and, years later, I still love it just as much. It can handle an impressive amount of tugging and pulling without worrying if it’s going to rip off or not, and it really helps with getting the gloves on quickly and easily. IMG_2141IMG_2140It’s one thing to make goalkeeper gloves and another thing to make them equipped with the most useful technologies, super grippy and durable latex palms, and a natural and comfy fit like no other; without a doubt, Reusch makes some of the best gloves on the market. Their combination of the latest technologies as well as their own innovations is tangible with all of their goalkeeper gloves, and especially with the Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution LTD. Not to mention, they’re undeniably good-looking. If there is a glove I highly recommend purchasing, it’s this one. You can purchase a pair for yourself here.IMG_2085IMG_2086


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