Aviata Black Mamba V7 Goalkeeper Glove Review

aviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper glovesWhile the Black Mamba V7 is a more affordable model in Aviata’s glove range, it comes equipped with features that have trickled down from the top models and is best suited for intermediate players. Some of these features include a flat cut, a 3D breathable mesh body, a double wrap wrist strap, a latex wrapped thumb, and a punch guard pad. They’re available to purchase here. IMG_2064Tech Specs

Palm: 4mm + 3mm German New Soft latex.

Cut: Flat cut with breathable mesh gussets and a latex wrapped thumb. 

Backhand: Soft latex with a punch guard pad on a 3D breathable mesh body.

Closure: Double wrap wrist strap on an 8 cm wide elastic wristband.

Finger Protection: Five removable fingersaves through the zipper above the wrist.

The Aviata Black Mamba V7 goalkeeper gloves are available to purchase here.aviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper glovesMy Thoughts

Palm: After a pre-wash, the 4mm of German New Soft latex gets a decent grip on the ball. This latex is not as grippy as the latex on the top glove in the Mamba series, the Black Mamba Aero Pro (which we reviewed here), but it has a good enough grip for intermediate players. For advanced and elite players, I would take a look at the Black Mamba Aero Pro instead of the Black Mamba V7 if you’re looking for a top tier, grippy, and comfy game glove. Concerning durability, the German New Soft latex holds up pretty well on natural grass and can get away with only a few minor tears after playing on turf/artificial grass.vaviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper glovesCut: The Black Mamba V7 features a flat cut and a latex wrapped thumb. Personally, I’m not a fan of flat cuts because of the loose and roomy fit they provide, and the cut on this glove holds true to that statement. There is a decent amount of wiggle room in the fingers, but then again, I have skinny and slim fingers; if you have thicker or larger fingers, I’d imagine this flat cut will fit you quite well. The mesh gussets are a nice touch as they increase the breathability of the gloves, leaving me with no complaints there. IMG_2054aviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper glovesBackhand: The soft latex backhand is quite durable which I expected since it’s a tough latex in general, and also because it’s been on a lot of goalkeeper gloves I’ve tested in the past. The “punch guard pad,” which is on top of the knuckles, is basically just an area where the soft latex is thicker than on other areas of the backhand. Combined with the solid structure of the fingersaves, the punch guard pad does a good job of dispersing shock when punching the ball away. In general, the soft latex backhand feels comfortable and flexible on hand and the 3D mesh body is greatly exposed (as on most Aviata gloves), increasing breathability and maximizing ventilation of the gloves.aviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper glovesIMG_2058Closure & Fit: The double wrap wrist strap is something I always prefer on my gloves whenever I play because of the tight, secure, and custom fit it provides. Coupled with the 8 cm wide wristband, the strap provides just that; a secure, supportive, and snug fit. The five fingersaves are removable through the zipper above the wrist and they do a good job of protecting your fingers from overextending. When the fingersaves are in the gloves, the fingers are more structured and the flat cut fits slightly more snug. IMG_2047aviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper glovesFor $49.99, the Aviata Black Mamba V7 is a decent glove option for intermediate goalkeepers considering its decent grip and durability. It’s a comfortable fitting glove but the fit is overall pretty loose and relaxed due to the flat cut so if you’re into that, I recommend picking up a pair. You can pick up a pair for yourself here.aviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper glovesaviata sports black mamba v7 soccer goalkeeper gloves


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