Lupos Armored Goalkeeper Glove Review

lupos armored goalkeeper glovesThe Armored is the latest glove model from Lupos, a new goalkeeper glove brand seeking to provide high quality game and practice gloves at a low price. Equipped with Giga Grip latex, a roll finger cut, a 3D punch zone, and breathable mesh, the Armored is a viable and affordable game glove option for just about forty five US dollars. They’re available to purchase on Amazon. lupos armored goalkeeper glovesTech Specs

Palm: 4mm of Giga Grip latex +3mm foam backing. 

Cut: Roll finger cut. Latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: 4mm of soft embossed latex on a breathable mesh body with 8mm of cushioning foam. 3D rubber punch zone over the knuckles. 

Closure: Elastic wrist strap on a 7 cm wide elastic wristband.

Finger Protection: Four removable fingersaves through the zipper above the wrist. 

The Lupos Armored Goalkeeper Gloves are available for around forty five US dollars on Amazon.lupos armored goalkeeper glovesMy Thoughts

Palm: After a necessary pre-wash, the 4mm of Giga Grip latex becomes very grippy and gets a great hold on the ball. However, I did find that the latex had the most grip when it was kept damp. Giga Grip latex is not as grippy as Contact latex, but it’s still grippy enough to work great in games or even elite practices. The 3mm of foam backing reduces the pressure from hard shots without feeling too padded or thick.lupos armored goalkeeper gloveslupos armored goalkeeper glovesCut: The roll finger cut offers a super snug and comfortable fit on hand. I prefer the roll finger cut over the negative cut because the glove palm is attached directly to the backhand of the glove, resulting in a rolled effect around the fingers and therefore creating a larger surface area to make contact with the ball. With the fingersaves in the gloves, the cut fits much more snug than without them in, but as long as your fingers aren’t too large or thick, this cut should fit you well. lupos armored goalkeeper glovesIMG_1604Backhand: The 4mm of soft embossed latex combined with the breathable mesh body makes for a very cushioned and comfy fit. The 8mm of cushioning foam lining the backhand makes the gloves feel like plush pillows on hand, but with all the cushioning, I wasn’t sure if air was able to pass through the mesh for ventilation purposes. The 3D rubber punch zone spans all four fingers on the backhand and allows you to safely punch the ball away with power and distance.IMG_1610lupos armored goalkeeper glovesClosure & Fit: While I love how the elastic wrist strap allows you to customize how tight you want your fit to be, I wish it had a rubber pull tab to grab onto at the end of strap so the latex fingertips don’t come in contact with the velcro when wrapping the strap around. This isn’t a dealbreaker, especially since the Armored only costs about forty five US dollars, but it would’ve been a nice addition. The 7 cm wide elastic wristband fits snug and comfortably on my wrist. The four removable fingersaves make for a snugger fit when they’re in the gloves, and they do a good job of protecting your fingers in play. As you can see in the photo, the thumb of the Armored is oddly curved and shaped; when the gloves are on your hands, it feels like the thumb wants to turn inwards. Also, there is some unnecessary excess space in the thumb but you don’t realize notice this while playing. Overall, the fit is comfortably snug so unless you have much larger or wider hands, the Armored should fit you well. lupos armored goalkeeper glovesIMG_1608If you’re looking for an affordable but high quality goalkeeper glove for games or even high level practices, the Lupos Armored is a great option to look into. For just about forty five US dollars, you get a grippy latex palm, a rubber punch zone, and great cushioning among other features found on top goalkeeper gloves from major brands. You can pick up a pair for yourself on Amazon.


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