Adidas Classic Pro Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_5639The Adidas Classic Pro is a snug fitting all-weather goalkeeper glove featuring grippy Nova Latex, a negative cut, a latex backhand, and a snug neoprene wristband. They’re an affordable and comfortable option suitable for games or elite level practices. They’re available to purchase on AmazonIMG_5642Tech Specs

Palm: 3.5mm of Nova Latex with 4mm of cushioning foam.

Cut: Negative cut with latex gussets. Latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: Embossed latex on a neoprene body.

Closure: Adidas stretch strap on a close-fitting neoprene wristband. Pull loop system stitched onto wristband.

The Adidas Classic Pro Goalkeeper Gloves are available for around eighty US dollars on Amazon.

IMG_5654My Thoughts

Palm: The 3.5mm of Nova Latex with 4mm of cushioning foam offers a very good balance of grip and cushioning. The Nova Latex offers a good grip and gets a solid hold on the ball once you pre-wash the gloves. The 4mm of cushioning absorbs the impact of hard shots very well, and you can noticeably feel this cushioning when stopping shots. After several matches wearing these gloves on natural grass, there are no rips or tears to be found in the latex palms yet. Wearing these on artificial grass might tell a different story, though; turf is much more likely to eat away at the latex palms. IMG_5651IMG_5656Cut: The negative cut is ideal for goalkeepers with slim hands, or goalkeepers who prefer a tighter fitting glove. This negative cut is snug but not overwhelmingly so; there is a tiny bit of wiggle room in the fingers but then again, I have pretty slim fingers. The latex gussets make the cut feel seamless and they increase latex-to-ball contact which is always a good thing. Because of the addition of latex gussets, the cut isn’t all that breathable and your fingers can get pretty hot inside the gloves sometimes.

IMG_5657IMG_5653Backhand: The embossed latex backhand feels comfortable, lightweight, and flexible on hand. The latex over the knuckles feels thick enough to punch the ball away with plenty of power. Because the latex is embossed, there are plenty of natural flex grooves that make the gloves very flexible, although I would have liked to see some exposed neoprene for extra flexibility on this glove. IMG_5649Closure & Fit: The adidas stretch strap allows for a secure, custom fit when wrapped around your wrist. However, there is a minor flaw with it. I wish adidas would’ve included a rubber tab at the end of the stretch strap to prevent the latex fingertips from coming in contact with the velcro on the stretch strap, since the velcro has the ability to rip the delicate latex. The close-fitting neoprene wristband fits very snug on my wrist. In fact, it’s probably the most snug wristband I’ve ever experience on a goalkeeper glove, so if you have larger wrists, you might have trouble getting your hands into these gloves. The pull loop system stitched onto the wristband is helpful in getting the gloves on and adjusting the fit. The Classic Pro is an all-around snug fitting glove so if you have larger hands, I recommend staying away from these gloves. IMG_5645IMG_5648For around eighty US dollars, there are better glove options from smaller brands with more features; however, these aren’t terrible when it comes to its value. They fit comfortably, they have a good grip, they can serve well as either game gloves or elite practice gloves, but they lack breathability and they’re priced on the higher end for what they offer compared to other gloves we’ve reviewed. You can pick up a pair for yourself on Amazon.IMG_5661


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