Aviata Viper Carbon Fiber Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_1639Sporting a stealthy, unique Carbon Fiber design, the Viper Carbon Fiber goalkeeper glove from Aviata Sports is a snug-fitting game glove featuring five removable fingersaves, Contact latex, a negative hybrid cut, a soft synthetic backhand, and more. They’re available to purchase on AmazonIMG_1643Tech Specs

Palm: 4mm + 3mm of German Contact latex.

Cut: Hybrid cut (combination of negative & roll finger) with latex gussets. Latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: Soft synthetic material on an air mesh body.

Closure: 5 cm wide soft synthetic wrist strap on a 7 cm wide elastic wristband.

Finger Protection: Five removable fingersaves through the velcro above the wrist.

The Aviata Viper Carbon Fiber Goalkeeper Gloves are available to purchase on Amazon.IMG_1645My Thoughts

Palm: The 4mm of German Contact latex gets a great grip on the ball even after just peeling the protective plastic off the palms. After a pre-wash, it gets an even grippier hold on the ball in all weather conditions, making this a great glove for games. In addition to being grippy, the latex is quite durable, too. After testing the gloves in several games and practices on natural grass, there have been no signs of deterioration yet. Wearing these on artificial grass might tell a different story, though; turf is much more likely to eat up the latex palms.

IMG_1652IMG_1654Cut: The Viper Carbon Fiber comes equipped with a hybrid cut, combining the negative cut and the roll finger cut. The two middle fingers are completely negative while the pointer and pinky fingers are a mix between the two cuts. On hand the cut feels very snug, especially when the fingersaves are in the gloves as those take up the extra room the fingers would’ve had had the fingersaves not been in the gloves. There is basically no wiggle room so if you have slim, skinny fingers like me, this cut will fit you perfectly. If you have larger, thicker hands, I recommend staying away from this cut unless you’ve had a positive experience with it in the past or plan to take the fingersaves out. I like having the gussets in between the fingers be made out of latex instead of mesh since they increase latex-to-ball contact.IMG_1650IMG_1653Backhand: The backhand is made out of a soft synthetic material which, after testing, has proven to be very durable. It’s not as delicate or fragile as latex; it’s stronger and doesn’t tear as easily. It was chosen to be the backhand of the Viper Carbon Fiber for that reason and also so the carbon fiber design doesn’t fade away after intense use wearing the gloves, especially on artificial grass which is much more harsh on your gloves when making saves. The air mesh body underneath the soft synthetic material is barely exposed; it’s only exposed above the thumb crotch, meaning these gloves aren’t all that breathable.

IMG_1646IMG_1647Closure & Fit: The 5 cm wide soft synthetic wrist strap coupled with the 7 cm wide elastic wristband makes for a very secure and supportive fit. Once you wrap the strap around, you are set for the entire game. When the fingersaves are in the gloves, the gloves fit much more snug and tight on your hands. I found the fit to be very comfortable regardless of if the fingersaves were in or not, but it’s just something to note if you plan on keeping them in. Overall, the fit is snug with barely any wiggle room in the fingers and little excess backhand space.IMG_1649The Aviata Viper Carbon Fiber is a glove that not only looks cool, but comes equipped with high quality materials such as its Contact latex palm and soft synthetic backhand, making it a great game glove option for any goalkeeper. The fit is comfortably snug and you have the option of leaving in or taking out the five removable fingersaves. You can pick up a pair for yourself on Amazon.IMG_1641IMG_1636


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