Why You Need to Wash Your Goalkeeper Gloves

3-960x480To get the maximum grip and life out of your goalkeeper gloves, it’s important to take care of them by washing them after every match. Dirt, sand, and grime builds up on the soft, natural latex the more you wear the gloves, creating a layer between the ball and your latex palm which reduces grip and traction. This leads to quicker deterioration of the delicate latex palms, which are already subject to wear and abrasion just from a player’s technique, age, and playing surface. To lengthen the life of your goalkeeper gloves, you should use the following products to ensure a proper cleansing of the latex after each game.61AzoloHcgL._SL1200_

Reusch Re:Invigorate Glove Wash

We’ve been using Reusch’s Re:Invigorate Glove Wash for years now and have yet to be disappointed. For around twelve US dollars per bottle, you get eight fluid ounces of glove wash which, if you have a match say once a week, should last you a few months. It works best when the dirt and grime on the gloves is still fresh, so as soon as you get home from a game it is imperative to start washing them. Allowing the dirt and grime to sit there for days or even weeks at a time will degenerate the latex palm, diminishing its grip and reducing its lifespan. Using just a quarter-size worth of glove wash, the formula effectively works its way into the latex palm, lifting up the sand and dirt that tends to stick to the delicate material and washing it away. After washing your gloves, the latex foam’s grip is restored and as good as new. You can pick up a bottle for yourself on Amazon.

71gSv0mz3zL._SL1200_GloveGlu Revive Pack

The GloveGlu Revive Pack consists of three bottles that serve three different purposes: Glove Wash & Prepare is your basic glove wash, Glove Fresh keeps your gloves smelling fresh and odor free, and Glove Glu enhances your glove’s grip in all conditions. Priced around forty US dollars for the three bottles, it covers your glove washing needs, improves the grip of your gloves, and enhances the smell of your gloves. Glove Wash & Prepare removes dirt using a DirTECH formula which lifts dirt particles away from the latex, improving the latex’s grip and lifespan. Unlike a perfume based spray that simply masks the smell, Glove Fresh targets and eliminates odor-producing bacteria that causes your goalkeeper gloves to smell unpleasant. Finally, Glove Glu increases the grip of the latex in all weather conditions. While it does a decent job, we prefer the natural grip provided by regularly-washed latex palms instead of artificially enhancing the grip. If you’re interested in solving all three goalkeeper glove problems at once, the GloveGlu Revive Pack is a great product to have. You can pick it up for yourself on Amazon.unnamed-1_1024x1024-1


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