Aviata Black Mamba Aero Pro Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_1489A promising new game glove from Aviata Sports, the Black Mamba Aero Pro features high quality materials such as 4mm of German Contact latex, a latex backhand with a rubber punch zone, five removable fingersaves, and a neoprene wristband. Compared to goalkeeper gloves from Nike, adidas, and Sells, these gloves are a bargain at a fraction of the price. They’re available to purchase here.

IMG_1497Tech Specs

Palm: 4mm + 4mm German Magnetik Contact Pro latex.

Cut: Negative cut with latex gussets. Latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: German latex on an air mesh body. Rubber punch zone over the knuckles.

Closure: Elastic wrist strap on a 7 cm wide neoprene wristband.

Finger Protection: Five removable fingersaves through the zipper above the wrist.

The Aviata Black Mamba Aero Pro Goalkeeper Gloves are available to purchase for $79.99 USD here.

IMG_1519My Thoughts

Palm: The Black Mamba Aero Pro is definitely a top-level glove from Aviata Sports, and the latex’s grip and durability can attest to that. Even without a pre-wash, the 4mm of German Contact latex gets a great grip on the ball. With a pre-wash, it gets an even grippier hold on the ball, making this a great glove for games. In addition to being grippy, the latex is quite durable, too. After testing the gloves in several games and practices on natural grass, there are no signs of deterioration yet. Wearing these on artificial grass might tell a different story; turf is much more likely to eat up the latex palms.

IMG_1513Cut: The negative cut fits very snug and comfortable on hand. I have slim, skinny fingers and there is very little wiggle room so if you have larger fingers, I recommend staying away from the Black Mamba Aero Pro unless you’ve had a positive experience with negative cuts in the past. The five removable fingersaves make for a tighter fit when they are in the gloves. I like how Aviata went with latex gussets instead of mesh gussets since, just like with the latex wrapped thumb, they increase latex-to-ball contact.

IMG_1514IMG_1515Backhand: The backhand features a layer of soft German latex on top of a cushioned, comfortable air mesh body. Over the knuckles there is a rubber punch zone for effectively punching the ball away with power and distance, which is a nice feature to have on a game glove. The air mesh body is one of the most padded, comfortable ones I’ve seen in a long time, but because it’s lined with a soft, plush material on the inside to give it that comfort, it sacrifices breathability which is pretty ironic.

IMG_1524IMG_1525Closure & Fit: The 7 cm wide neoprene wristband is comfortable and will fit the majority of goalkeepers. My wrists are on the skinnier side so there is some excess space between my wrist and the wristband, but once I wrap the elastic wrist strap around my wrist and tighten it the way I like, the fit is very tight, secure, and supportive. As I mentioned before, the five removable fingersaves make the gloves fit more snug and tight when they’re in, and not as snug when they’re out. Overall, the Black Mamba Aero Pro is a very snug-fitting glove; if you have slim hands like me, these gloves will fit you great, but if you have thicker, wider hands, they might fit too tight unless you’ve had a positive experience with snug, negative cut gloves in the past.

IMG_1505IMG_1507The Black Mamba Aero Pro come equipped with high quality materials and offers a snug, comfortable fit, making it an excellent game glove at a competitive price of $79.99 USD. Compared to the top-level game gloves from Nike, adidas, Sells, and Uhlsport, these gloves offer just about the same top-notch features but for a fraction of the price. You can pick up a pair for yourself here.IMG_1504IMG_1526


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