Female Goalkeeper Glove Review (Keepher Nemow)

IMG_0963Unsatisfied with current goalkeeper gloves being based off of a male hand, Keepher took matters into their own hands and created a line of female-specific goalkeeper gloves. The Nemow, their latest glove model, features Contact latex, a hybrid cut, removable fingersaves, and an elastic wrist strap. For about seventy US dollars, it’s a viable game glove option for female goalkeepers. They’re available to purchase on Amazon.

IMG_0934 2Tech Specs

Palm: 4mm of Contact latex.

Cut: Hybrid cut with mesh gussets and a latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: Embossed soft latex on an air mesh body.

Closure: Elastic wrist strap on an 8 cm wide neoprene wristband. Pull tab and loop on the end of the wrist strap.

Finger Protection: Removable fingersaves in all five fingers through the velcro opening above the wrist.

The Keepher Nemow is available to purchase on Amazon.

IMG_0941The Rundown

Palm: The Nemow comes equipped with 4mm of Contact latex on the palm. I’ve been testing these gloves for two months now and the grip is still as great as it was on day one. However, keep in mind that I wash my gloves after every game to ensure the best possible grip. It only takes a few minutes to wash them and it makes the latex palm retain its grip much longer. In addition to getting a great hold on the ball, the Contact latex is quite durable, too. There are only a few minor tears on the palms after two months of intense wear on natural grass. Wearing these on artificial grass might tell a different story; turf is much more likely to eat up the latex palms.

IMG_0924Cut: The hybrid cut fuses together a flat cut and a roll finger cut and features mesh gussets in between the fingers for breathability. The cut feels just a little snug on my fingers without the fingersaves in, and more so when the fingersaves are in; but regardless, not as snug or as tight as a negative cut. This makes the Nemow suitable for goalkeepers with any sized hand, small or large. The length in the fingers runs a full size large, so take note of that if you’re interested in purchasing a pair.

IMG_0925 2IMG_0927Backhand: The backhand features a layer of soft latex on top of a breathable air mesh body. The mesh body is exposed above the wrist, making for great breathability and flexibility. The soft latex is embossed, and combined with the solidity of the fingersaves, allows you to punch the ball away with power and distance. The top of the inside of the gloves is padded with a soft, plush material that makes for a really comfortable fit on hand.

IMG_0923IMG_0933Closure: The Nemow comes equipped with an elastic wrist strap, which I prefer over latex wrist straps because of the super tight and secure fit they provide. The pull tab and pull loop at the end of the wrist strap allows you to wrap the strap around your wrist without having the latex come in contact with the velcro, although the pull loop is too small to fit a glove finger through so it’s pretty much pointless. The pull tab is very effective, though. The neoprene wristband is very comfortable and even features a small area of elastic so goalkeepers with bigger wrists can still achieve a great fit.

IMG_0915IMG_0918 2Fit: The big question with the Keepher Nemow is if it truly fits a female hand properly, like Keepher claims it does. As a female myself, it does cater to the slim and narrow construction of the female hand. However, the Nemow does run a full size large so I recommend ordering a full size small to achieve the best possible fit. The five removable fingersaves provide great protection and make the gloves fit more snug when they’re in.

IMG_0929Overall, the Keepher Nemow is a great game glove featuring many of the same materials found on mens goalkeeper gloves, but designed to properly and comfortably fit the female hand. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, be sure to go a full size down as the Nemow runs a full size too big. You can pick up a pair for yourself on Amazon.IMG_0899 2IMG_0900


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