Sells Total Contact Elite Aqua Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_5984Designed for wet weather, the Sells Total Contact Elite Aqua goalkeeper glove is a grippy, lightweight, and comfortable game glove equipped with an expanse cut, an Ultra Supreme Latex palm, a German Latex backhand with a latex punch zone, a durable Outlast mesh fabric body, and more. They’re available to purchase on Amazon.

IMG_5989Tech Specs

Palm: 4mm of Adhesion Ultra Supreme Latex perfect for wet weather. Laminated 5mm memory foam backing provides shot-stopping impact absorption.

Cut: Expanse cut (combines the best elements of roll finger and radial cuts) with surround fingertips. 2mm German Latex gussets. Double surround cut latex thumb and surround cut latex palm.

Backhand: 3mm of embossed German Latex with d30 Punch Zone on an Outlast Éclair Mesh fabric body.

Closure: 3mm embossed German Latex stretch strap on a 9 cm wide extended neoprene wristband. Sells Easy-On Pull Tab is featured on the end of the wrist strap.

The Sells Total Contact Elite Aqua Goalkeeper Gloves are available to purchase on Amazon.

IMG_6008My Thoughts

Palm: The 4mm of Adhesion Ultra Supreme Latex gets an incredible grip on the ball in all weather conditions, especially wet weather conditions. I had no problem holding onto the ball because of the incredible grip that the latex provides. Surprisingly, the Adhesion Ultra Supreme Latex has proven to be quite durable, too. After several weeks of testing these gloves on natural grass, there are no signs of deterioration on the latex palms. You can noticeably feel the 5mm memory foam backing absorbing the impact of hard shots making these gloves feel better when stopping shots than gloves without the memory foam backing.

IMG_6019 2Cut: The expanse cut, which combines the best elements of roll finger and radial cuts, is very comfortable and snug on my fingers. Because the cut is pretty snug and narrow, it’s best suited for goalkeepers with slim, skinny fingers. I like the surround fingertips, double surround cut thumb, and surround cut palm because they all increase latex-to-ball contact. I feel confident when making saves in these gloves because of the high amount of latex that I know can come in contact with the ball.

IMG_6021IMG_5996Backhand: The 3mm of embossed German Latex makes these gloves feel even more flexible and comfortable on hand. The d30 Punch Zone, which creates impact protection for the knuckles on contact with the ball, is a great feature since you generate more power and distance punching the ball away. I also like the Outlast Éclair Mesh fabric, which is basically a thermo-regulating glove body, because it adapts to your body temperature, ensuring the most comfortable fit whether that be cool for those hot summer days or warm for those cold winter days.

IMG_6014 2IMG_5998 2Closure & Fit: The 3mm embossed German Latex stretch strap is stretchy and provides a secure and supportive fit. The 9 cm wide neoprene wristband is snug and fits comfortably on my wrist. The Sells Easy-On Pull Tab featured on the end of the wrist strap prevents the latex fingertips from coming in contact with the velcro on the wrist strap, which, in my opinion, should be equipped on all goalkeeper gloves. The pull tab is very sturdy and secure, making it much easier and safer to wrap the strap around your wrist without having to worry about the latex fingertips deteriorating. The Sells Total Contact Elite Aqua is a very snug fitting glove due to the expanse cut and overall construction of the glove so if you have larger, wider hands, I recommend staying away from these gloves. If you have slim, narrow hands, then these are a very comfortable and snug fitting glove option for you.

IMG_6000 2IMG_6005 2Overall, the Sells Total Contact Elite Aqua goalkeeper gloves are a snug, grippy, and comfortable pair of game gloves. While the price is higher than what most people would want to spend on a pair of gloves, the amount of technology, features, grip, comfort, and durability justifies that high price tag. Not to mention, they are for games after all; not practices. So if you’re spending this much money for just one pair, it’ll be for those meaningful games and for those meaningful games only. You can pick up a pair for yourself on Amazon.IMG_5981 2


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