Adidas Gloro 16.1 Soccer Cleat Review

adidas gloro 16.1 soccer cleatsA more affordable and modern version of the beloved Copa Mundial, the adidas Gloro 16.1 soccer cleat offers a soft kangaroo leather toe box, a synthetic leather midfoot, and eleven conical studs. Priced around one hundred ten US dollars, it’s a simple yet effective and affordable boot for players in search of a classic look and a comfortable fit. They’re available to purchase in a variety of colors on Amazon.

IMG_1793Tech Specs

Made for firm ground pitches, the outsole features only conical studs and a comfort frame for stability. An EVA insole absorbs some of the shock on hard, dry fields. With a soft kangaroo leather toe box, the Gloro 16.1 offers that classic leather touch while the synthetic midfoot provides stability for powerful strikes.

-Premium K-leather vamp with synthetic leather in heel for great combination of softness and stability

-Synthetic lining for a lockdown fit and step-in comfort

-Die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort and shock absorption

-Flexible TPU firm ground outsole with comfort frame and eleven conical studs

The adidas Gloro 16.1 is available in a variety of colors for around one hundred ten US dollars on Amazon.

IMG_1833My Thoughts

Breaking In & Fit: Within the first day of testing the Gloro 16.1 out, I did not experience any pain, discomfort, or have an awkward fit. They fit perfectly right out of the box and hug my feet nice and snug. That being said, there really isn’t a “break in” period for these boots; they feel very comfortable from the first time playing in them and only get more comfortable the more you wear them. The fit isn’t too tight or narrow; it feels pretty snug at first, but the kangaroo leather stretches over time making for a more comfortable fit that should fit most foot types. The adidas Gloro 16.1 runs true to size.

IMG_1841Performance: The Gloro 16.1 has proven to be a very good and high quality boot for its relatively low price point (MSRP is one hundred ten US dollars). The kangaroo leather toe box is pretty soft right out of the box, but gets even softer and stretches the more you wear the boots. It offers a nice padded leather sensation when dribbling or striking the ball. What’s so great about the Gloro 16.1 having a synthetic midfoot is that it’s extremely stable and supportive, allowing you to achieve maximum power when striking the ball. I had no issues with the perforated synthetic lining; the step-in comfort you get when putting on the boots is impressive. The lockdown you can achieve with the Gloro is also quite impressive. The outsole features a comfort frame for stability, and that definitely holds true from my experience testing these boots. The eleven conical studs (seven up front, four at the back) get great traction on firm, natural ground surfaces, like dry grass. They penetrate the ground well and allow you to turn easier with the ball at your feet. Note that the Gloro is not designed or made for artificial grass; it’s strictly intended for firm ground use only.

IMG_1845IMG_1851Durability & Looks: I really don’t foresee the Gloro 16.1 having any durability issues, especially since the back quarter and heel are synthetic. After testing these boots for two months, I have not found any signs of deterioration or possible durability issues. However, because the toe box is kangaroo leather, that area is most susceptible to deterioration; it’s known that k-leather doesn’t hold up too well when exposed to wet or sloppy weather. To attempt to combat this, looking after your cleats and washing them after those exposures is advised. The Gloro 16.1 definitely sports a simple and classic look with it’s “Vivid Red” upper and three adidas white stripes on both the lateral and medial side of the boot. There’s nothing too extravagant or out of the ordinary with these boots, making them a nice, basic option for all that take a liking to these. They also come in other colors such as black, white, and blue.

IMG_1866Overall, the Gloro 16.1 is a boot focused on simplicity and comfort and for a very competitive price of one hundred ten US dollars (MSRP). It’s definitely a more modern and affordable version of the traditional Copa Mundial, with much needed modern improvements such as the weight-saving synthetic midfoot and the comfort frame outsole. You can purchase a pair for yourself on Amazon.IMG_1807


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