Bend-It Knuckle-It Pro Soccer Ball Review

IMG_0427The Knuckle-It Pro is an eight panel soccer ball designed to help you visually see improvement in your knuckle kicking with Bend-It’s Visual Response Color technology. Bend-It has also developed Valve Position Marker technology that shows you precise foot placement—the “sweet-spot” position—on the ball, the valve. It ships inflated and ready to go and is available to purchase on Amazon.

IMG_0431Tech Specs

-100% PU (polyurethane) wet prismatic latex gripping textured leather with four layers of inner lining

-Visual Response Color technology helps you visually track knuckle ball movement so you can perfect the knuckle ball kick

-Valve Position Marker technology shows the precise foot placement, the sweet-spot position on soccer balls, to help you generate additional power off your foot

-Knuckle-It Pro soccer balls ship inflated and ready to go out the box and they stay inflated for months

-All Bend-It soccer balls retain air for months due to their high-performance, high bounce butyl bladder which holds air ten times longer than any other FIFA official match ball bladder they’ve tested

-The seamless surface thermal bonded construction ensures the tightest seams and the most spherical shape possible in a match quality soccer ball

-All Bend-It soccer balls are Fair Trade with no child labor used in their global sources (verified manufacturing plants)

-Meets FIFA, NFHS and NCAA regulations on shape, circumference, size, weight, rebound and water absorption uptake and meets International Matchball Standard (IMS) regulations

-All Bend-It soccer balls ship inflated in an eco-friendly shipping box for your convenience and immediate use

The Bend-It Knuckle-It Pro is available to purchase on Amazon.

IMG_0434The Verdict

After months of testing, the Knuckle-It Pro soccer ball has thoroughly impressed me. For starters, it feels very cushioned yet lightweight when shooting, juggling, and passing with it. The colors on the ball, while very bold and out there, make it easy to track when the ball is soaring through the air, a design that I find to be very helpful especially for those looking to improve their knuckleballs. Bend-It calls this their “Visual Response Color” technology, basically fancy words for circles and rings of bright colors all over the ball. The outer surface of the ball surprisingly feels very premium and nice to the touch. I was skeptical if it would actually feel this premium considering it costs around fifty US dollars and not one hundred fifty US dollars like most, if not all, official match balls, but to my surprise, it does feel very high quality. It’s very similar to the texture of high quality match balls such as the ones used in the UEFA Champions League and MLS. The Knuckle-It Pro, along with all of Bend-It’s other models, meets FIFA, NFHS and NCAA regulations on shape, circumference, size, weight, rebound and water absorption intake. Their “Value Position Marker” technology highlights the “sweet spot” of the soccer ball, the valve, which noticeably does offer a bit more powerful strike when kicked. To put it short, the Bend-It Knuckle-It Pro has definitely impressed me and I thoroughly enjoy shooting and training with it. I often find myself taking this ball along with me for shooting sessions because of its easily trackable design, premium feel, and butyl bladder that retains air for months at a time; yes, months. How great is it to not have to refill a soccer ball with air every other week or so? Well, I’ll tell you; it feels great. In terms of price, the Knuckle-It Pro comes in around the fifty US dollar range which, for a ball trying to compete with official match balls that retail around one hundred fifty US dollars, is quite a good deal. It definitely beats out many of the soccer balls in its own price range. For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing, visit Amazon.IMG_0448


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