Mauer Obenkrieger Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_2876The uniquely named Obenkrieger from Mauer Athletics is not only an affordable goalkeeper glove, but it’s a durable and comfortable, too. Designed by a goalkeeper tired of spending hundreds of dollars on goalkeeper gloves a month, the Obenkrieger delivers on everything one could wish for in a pair of gloves. These $55 goalkeeper gloves, suitable for games or high level practices, feature a Quartz latex palm with an abrasion zone, a negative cut, a latex backhand, and an elastic wrist strap for an all-around snug and ergonomic fit. They’re available on

IMG_2878Tech Specs

Palm: 4mm of Quartz latex. Abrasion zone strategically placed on the lower palm to protect against wear and tear where the latex typically rips the fastest.

Cut: Negative cut. Perforated latex gussets.

Backhand: Embossed Super Soft latex. Air mesh body.

Closure: Elastic wrist strap on a 7 cm wide elastic wristband. Pull tab stitched onto the elastic wristband.

Finger Protection: 4 non-removable fingersaves are optional.

The Mauer Obenkrieger Goalkeeper Gloves are available in sizes 7-10 for $55 USD on

IMG_2877The Rundown

Palm: After several months of testing, the 4mm of Quartz latex has proven to be very durable and has held onto its good grip in both dry and wet weather. Despite working well in both types of weather conditions, the grip performs better in dry weather than in wet weather. The 4mm of latex never felt too thin nor too padded when catching the ball. The strategically placed abrasion zone on the lower palm serves its purpose well; it effectively protects the underlying Quartz latex from frequent wear and tear. When diving to make a save, especially on turf, the lower palm is the area most prone to serious latex deterioration and damage since latex material is generally very delicate. The abrasion zone, which is composed of a much tougher latex, counteracts this easy wear and tear by covering that most delicate area.

IMG_2886IMG_2895IMG_2896Cut: This negative cut fits just like any other negative cut; snug and with minimal wiggle room. If you have slim, narrow fingers like me then this isn’t a problem for you, but if you have fingers on the thicker side, I would recommend staying away from this cut unless you’ve had a positive experience with it in the past. In terms of durability, there are several miniature tears in the latex at the tips of the fingers after several months of use, which is very common with negative cuts. The more you play in the gloves, the worse it gets, but I haven’t had any significantly sized chunks of latex come out yet. The perforated latex gussets increase latex-to-ball contact providing a more seamless feel when catching the ball, and the mini holes on both sides of each finger increase air flow and breathability so your fingers don’t get too hot and sweaty inside the snug negative cut.

IMG_2892IMG_2894Backhand: The embossed Super Soft latex backhand adds to the flexible fit and comfortable feel of the Obenkrieger. Not once did I feel like I didn’t have free motion or flexibility while testing these gloves. The exposed air mesh body on crucial parts of the backhand allows my hands to breathe and prevents them from getting too hot at any given point, however, I would have liked to see a bit less latex and a bit more exposed mesh on the backhand. The embossed latex flex grooves over the fingers increase the flexibility of the fingers and make them easier to bend.

IMG_2885IMG_2903Closure: The elastic wrist strap is a nice feature since it allows you to adjust your own personal fit. It’s guaranteed to fit just about everyone since you can stretch it and wrap it however many times you like. I would have like to see Mauer Athletics add a rubberized tab to the end of the wrist strap to grab onto when wrapping the strap around your wrist, however, it’s not a dealbreaker. The 7 cm wide elastic wristband is comfortable, stretchy, and fits nice and snug on my wrists. The pull tab stitched onto the elastic wristband makes getting on the gloves much quicker and easier, but I can’t help but wonder when it’s going to snap off. In the few months I’ve been testing the gloves it hasn’t ripped off, but it’s a thought that occurs in my mind every time I put the gloves on. The nylon tab feels thin and cheap, which is understandable since the gloves don’t cost $100+ USD, but I would prefer a more secure, durable pull tab.

IMG_2879IMG_2884Fit: Primarily due to the negative cut, the Obenkrieger is an overall snug-fitting goalkeeper glove. There’s not much excess space inside the glove so if you like a snug, hand-hugging fit, this is the glove for you. From the closure to the fingers, the Obenkrieger is designed to hug your hand and offer you the most snug, comfortable fit possible.

IMG_2898Final Thoughts

The durability, comfort, and great fit is what you’re paying for with the Mauer Obenkrieger. The Quartz latex holds up very well and offers a good grip in all weather conditions while the negative cut and latex backhand aids in the comfort of the gloves. Additional features such as an abrasion zone, a pull tab, exposed mesh for breathability, and flex grooves for flexibility make this glove even better, and at a price of $55 USD, the Obenkrieger is an all-around great bargain that is worth looking into if you’re in the market for a new pair of affordable game or top training gloves. For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing, visit and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.IMG_2874IMG_2904


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