Lupos Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_3203The first model in Lupos’ goalkeeper glove lineup lacks a proper title, but that doesn’t stop this glove from competing with the big goalkeeping brands for the best training glove title. Equipped with 4mm of Giga Grip Latex on the palm, unremovable fingersaves, a Soft Latex backhand, a roll finger cut and a price of approx. thirty US dollars, these gloves are a bargain and are perfect for training. They’re available on Amazon.

IMG_3195Tech Specs

Palm: 4mm of German Giga Grip Latex.

Cut: Roll finger cut. Latex wrapped thumb.

Backhand: 4mm of Soft Latex on top of 8mm of cushioning foam. Soft mesh body.

Closure: Elastic wrist strap set on a 7cm wide elastic wristband.

Extras: 4 unremovable fingersaves.

The Lupos Goalkeeper Gloves are available in sizes 6-11 for around thirty US dollars on Amazon.

IMG_3196My Thoughts

Palm: When I initially tried on these gloves I noticed slight cracking in the latex fingers which caused me to have concerns about the latex’s durability. However, after a pre-wash and multiple training sessions, those concerns quickly went away. I experienced minimal wear and tear in two months of regular training use in wet and dry weather. The 4mm of German Giga Grip Latex proved to be quite durable and high quality for a training glove, and is far better than many of the latex palms on the current training glove options on the market. While not super grippy, the latex kept a decent grip when well-maintained (washed every week or so, depending on wear time), and always felt well-cushioned, never thin or flimsy. For a pair of gloves costing approx. thirty US dollars, I was highly impressed with the cushioning, grip, and durability that this Giga Grip Latex palm provided.

IMG_3204IMG_3216IMG_3201Cut: The roll finger cut feels very slim and narrow on my fingers. Therefore, these gloves would best fit goalkeepers with skinny, narrow fingers. If you have larger, thicker fingers, I recommend staying away from these gloves as the cut fits very snug and there is barely any wiggle room. The latex wrapped thumb increases latex-to-ball contact.

IMG_3208IMG_3218Backhand: I’m glad that these gloves feature a 4mm Soft Latex backhand rather than a cheap plastic backhand found on many similarly priced training gloves because not only is it softer and more flexible, but it offers a more comfortable fit and feel on hand. Coupled with 8mm of cushioning foam, the 4mm of Soft Latex never became slippery in wet or dry weather when punching the ball away nor did it ever feel too thin and unprotective. The soft mesh body allows for some breathability but not a lot. The only places where there’s exposed mesh is on the thumb crotch and right above the wrist. On hot days, my hands got pretty sweaty in these snug gloves but there was not much I could do about it.

IMG_3198IMG_3199Closure: The elastic wrist strap allows the goalkeeper to determine how tight or loose of a fit they want. I mostly prefer elastic wrist straps for this reason, with the exception of extended latex palms where a latex wrist strap is better for the job. It would be a nice touch if Lupos added a rubber pull tab at the end of the strap to prevent the latex fingertips from touching the velcro, but considering that these gloves cost around thirty US dollars, it’s most definitely not a deal breaker. However, if Lupos was marketing these as game gloves, I’d expect to see one on there. The 7cm wide elastic wristband fits comfy and snug on my skinny wrists.

IMG_3211Fit: These are very snug fitting gloves so if you’re a goalkeeper with larger, thicker hands, I recommend staying away from these. If you’re a goalkeeper with skinny, slim hands, then these are perfect for you. The 4 unremovable fingersaves help make these gloves feel very snug on hand, and they do a great job of protecting your fingers from hyperextending without feeling too stiff or rigid. There’s still decent flexibility in the fingers and the more you play in the gloves, the less you realize those fingersaves are there. From the elastic wristband to the roll finger cut, every part of these gloves fit snug, so keep that in mind if you’re considering a pair.

IMG_3200Overall, these Lupos Goalkeeper Gloves are a great practice glove option for goalkeepers looking for a durable, snug fitting, comfortable glove with a decent grip and a low price. It would be nice if they had a proper name, but for approx. thirty US dollars, you really can’t go wrong. For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing, visit Amazon and check them out on Instagram.IMG_3192


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