HPG Jon Busch Goalkeeper Glove Review

IMG_3126Designed and endorsed by MLS veteran goalkeeper Jon Busch, these goalkeeper gloves from High Performance Goalkeeping aren’t just for the pros. Featuring a grippy Contact latex palm, a negative cut, a lightweight latex backhand, and an extended latex palm, these gloves are well-qualified for match play. They are available for $84.95 USD on hpgoalkeeping.com.

IMG_3133Tech Specs

Palm: Green professional Contact latex.

Cut: Negative cut with latex gussets, a latex wrapped thumb, and an extended latex palm.

Backhand: Black soft german latex on an air mesh body.

Closure: 4.5 cm wide soft latex wrist strap on a 7.5 cm wide elastic wristband.

Finger Protection: None.

The HPG Jon Busch Goalkeeper Gloves are available in sizes 7-11 for $84.95 USD on hpgoalkeeping.com.

IMG_3149IMG_3150The Rundown

Palm: Although High Performance Goalkeeping has not specified how thick the palm latex is, I would estimate it to be about 4mm thick, the thickness of most glove palms. The palm doesn’t feel too thin nor too thick when catching the ball; it feels just the right amount of thickness to feel confident when making a save. Contact latex is one of the best and highest quality latexes you can buy, so I wasn’t surprised to see it on these $84.95 match gloves. In addition to providing a great grip in all weather conditions, the Contact latex holds up very well, too. After several months of testing, there are very few signs of latex deterioration; only minor tears on the lower palm and at the top of the negative cut fingers which is very common.

IMG_3153IMG_3155IMG_3151Cut: This negative cut fits perfectly on my slim fingers. There is very little wiggle room in the fingers which is great if you like a finger-hugging, snug fit. If you have thicker fingers, I recommend staying away from negative cuts unless you’ve had a positive experience with them in the past, but just note that this one is pretty snug. Having latex gussets instead of mesh gussets make catching the ball a much more seamless and confident catch knowing that you’ve got 100% latex coverage. However, because the gussets are latex and not mesh, you compromise on breathability. HPG makes up for this on the backhand, though. Lastly, the latex wrapped thumb and extended latex palm increase latex-to-ball contact, therefore increasing confidence when making saves. Getting as much latex on the ball as possible is crucial to making a save, so it’s great to see HPG keep that in mind while designing these gloves. Also, since the gloves cost $84.95, I expected to see features like those on these gloves.

IMG_3156IMG_3147Backhand: The soft german latex backhand is noticeably high quality and adds to the comfiness of the gloves. For gloves costing $84.95, I wouldn’t expect to see anything other than a high quality latex backhand. The multiple flex grooves across the backhand (over the main four fingers, near the wrist, on the thumb, and at the base of the knuckles) not only make for a very flexible fit, but they eliminate excess, baggy backhand space inside the gloves as well. The air mesh body is exposed a decent amount just above the wrist, allowing for not just air flow and ventilation of the gloves, but also flexibility. However, I would have liked to see more exposed mesh across the backhand as my hands sometimes got pretty hot inside the gloves.

IMG_3140IMG_3148Closure: While the 4.5 cm wide soft latex wrist strap does a decent job of providing a secure fit, it takes several times of re-wrapping it to get the level of tightness that I want. This could be in part due to the 7.5 cm wide elastic wristband not fitting completely snug on my wrists: there is a small gap of room between my skinny wrists and the wristband. The pull tab at the end of the wrist strap is a great feature as it allows me to quickly and easily wrap the strap around my wrist without having to come in contact with the velcro on the strap itself. Again, I expected to see this feature on these gloves considering the $84.95 price tag.

IMG_3135IMG_3158Fit: Overall, these gloves fit snug and very comfortable. There is minimal excess space or bagginess throughout the gloves, especially in the negatively cut fingers and the flexible backhand. They are far from feeling heavy or bulky on hand; they feel very flexible and lightweight yet still protective.

IMG_3146Final Thoughts

Committing to spending $84.95 USD on your next pair of match gloves is not such a bad thing with these HPG Jon Busch goalkeeper gloves. With an abundance of useful features, a grippy Contact latex palm, and a very lightweight, comfy fit, the price is well-justified. I highly recommend picking up a pair of these grippy, durable, and snug match gloves; they have served me well game after game, and I’m sure they will do the same to you, too. For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing, visit hpgoalkeeping.com and check out High Performance Goalkeeping on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterIMG_3125


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