Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble Rebounder Review

IMG_5854Used by top clubs and players, the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is a soccer rebounder with two functional sides; one with a more controlled rebound for passing and improving your touch, and the other for unpredictable bounces, helping to improve your reaction speeds and responses. The lightweight, portable, pre-assembled, and adjustable rebounder is available on Amazon.

IMG_5851Tech Specs

-Adjustable angled frame for variations in height of the ball return, hence range of drills you can perform

-Features two usable rebound nets, one on each side

-Smaller net side returns small balls (such as baseballs, softballs, tennis balls, etc.) in an unpredictable manner to train coordination/reflex skills and large balls (soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.) in a predictable manner

-Best selling, medium sized model with rubber feet for indoor and outdoor use

-Lightweight and portable; already assembled for instant use

-Durable with super strong patented net technology

-Includes Crazy Catch level 2 vision ball, Crazy Catch timer, Activity pack with scorecard, throwing targets, and a carry bag

The Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is available for approx. $150 USD on Amazon.

IMG_5845IMG_5832My Thoughts

Set Up: The Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble does not need to be set up; all you have to do is take it out of the carry bag (which is very helpful in transporting the rebounder) and adjust the angled frame to whichever setting you’d like. I found adjusting the angle to be a bit difficult; you have to bend down and go under the already pretty small rebounder to adjust it. When you’re done using the rebounder, it folds up quickly and easily; you simply unclip the adjustment bar and fold the rebounder flat.

IMG_5848IMG_5849Performance: After using this rebounder for over a month now, I must say I am very happy with it. It stays in place pretty well when throwing a soccer ball at it, the net surface area is a good size for juggling and kicking, the net tension is strong, the frame is durable and sturdy, and there are several different drills you can do with it. I am both a midfielder and a goalkeeper and I found this rebounder very useful in improving my skills for both positions. It’s very useful for working on your first touch, juggling, passing, catching, etc. and the adjustable angled frame gives you several different ball return height options. The “insane” side of the rebounder (larger squares) returns the ball in an unpredictable manner forcing you to stay ready, focused, and on your toes because you never know where the ball is going to go. I like this side of the rebounder because it helps improve reaction speeds, the difference maker between a save and a goal conceded for a goalkeeper.

IMG_5834IMG_5840Overall, the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is a great rebounder for players looking to improve their touch and skills. The rebounder is sturdy, durable, lightweight, portable, and is perfect for either outdoor or indoor use. If you’re looking for a high quality and affordable rebounder that will last you a long time, the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble is definitely worth looking into. For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing, visit Amazon and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.IMG_5821IMG_5817


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