Keepher Soccer Female Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Did You Know That Female Goalkeeper Gloves Exist?

News flash: the female hand is not built like the male hand. In fact, it’s different in four distinct ways: the female hand is more narrow, has a shorter pinky finger, has a longer thumb, and has closer-in-length pointer and ring fingers. To ensure that females get the best fit out of their goalkeeper gloves, Keepher Soccer makes female-specific gloves so women no longer have to wear gloves designed for men. Let’s take a look at the different models the brand currently has on offer.

Currex CleatPro Soccer Cleat Replacement Insole Review

Currex CleatPro Soccer Insole Review

We’re all used to the cheap, thin foam insoles that come inside every new pair of soccer cleats (even the $300 ones). They lack arch support, cushioning, and comfort, something soccer players shouldn’t have to play without. Because of this, Currex have created the CleatPro insole which features an improved forefoot pad for comfort and an anti-slip top surface. Simply put, they’re not your average cheap insoles; they’re way better. We put them to the test to see how they feel and perform underfoot.

Chaos Soccer Gear Aztec Soccer Ball Review

Chaos Aztec Soccer Ball Review

The Aztec soccer ball made by Chaos Soccer Gear is exactly that: chaotic. Featuring 32 panels covered in unique art that tricks your eyes into looking every which way, the Aztec is 100% hand-stitched and has a dimple surface for less drag, more controllability, and coated protection. We put this $80 ball to the test to see how it holds up after heavy use on the pitch. 

nike mercurial superfly cr7 cristiano Ronaldo chapters the final chapter 7 football boot soccer cleat

Nike CR7 Chapter 7 “The Final Chapter” Revealed

The final chapter of Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature boot collection is here. Dubbed “CR7 Chapters,” a new colorway of his Mercurial Superfly has released every season starting from late 2015, telling a story about a certain point in his career. As Cristiano said himself, “the boots reflect what I am. They put part of my history in the boots.” This week, Nike have revealed his final one: “The Final Chapter.” Let’s get into the details and how you can purchase them for yourself.

Jordan and Paris saint-german collaboration collection football boots nike mercurial vapor xii elite phantom vision elite

Jordan Brand x Paris Saint-Germain: Everything You Need to Know 

We’ve already seen football and basketball culture intertwine when Jordan and Neymar Jr. had their own collaborative football boot back in 2016. But now, the Jumpman logo is going to be seen everywhere; on two special edition match kits, two football boots, and apparel. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Jordan and Paris Saint-Germain collection.