reusch pulse pro a2 ortho tec goalkeeper gloves wet weather soccer with finger protection

Reusch Pulse Pro A2 Ortho-Tec Review

The Reusch Pulse Pro A2 Ortho-Tec is a quality match glove with an impressive grip in all weather conditions. It features high quality materials such as A2 Aquatech foam and a neoprene wristband, and it comes equipped with Reusch’s popular Pro Flex technology and Ortho-Tec fingersaves.

lupos armored goalkeeper gloves

Lupos Armored Review

The Armored is the latest glove model from Lupos, a new goalkeeper glove brand seeking to provide high quality game and practice gloves at a low price. Equipped with Giga Grip latex, a roll finger cut, a 3D punch zone, and breathable mesh, the Armored is a viable and affordable game glove option for just about forty five US dollars.

Adidas Copa Mundial Review

One of the most popular football boots of the past 20 years, and for good reason. This classic, old school, high quality boot has a great fit, a simple look, a classic kangaroo leather upper, and unmatched comfort making it the top choice for players in search of that classic look and a comfortable fit.

Why You Need to Wash Your Goalkeeper Gloves

To get the maximum grip and life out of your goalkeeper gloves, it’s important to take care of them by washing them after every match. Dirt, sand, and grime builds up on the soft, natural latex the more you wear the gloves, creating a layer between the ball and your latex palm which reduces grip and traction. This leads to quicker deterioration of the delicate latex palms, which are already subject to wear and abrasion just from a player’s technique, age, and playing surface. To lengthen the life of your goalkeeper gloves, you should use the following products to ensure a proper cleansing of the latex after each game.

Aviata Black Mamba Aero Pro Review

A promising new game glove from Aviata Sports, the Black Mamba Aero Pro features high quality materials such as 4mm of German Contact latex, a latex backhand with a rubber punch zone, five removable fingersaves, and a neoprene wristband. Compared to gloves from Nike, Adidas, and Sells, these gloves are a bargain at a fraction of the price.

Female Goalkeeper Gloves Review (Keepher Nemow)

Unsatisfied with current goalkeeper gloves being based off of a male hand, Keepher took matters into their own hands and created a line of female-specific goalkeeper gloves. The Nemow, their latest glove model, features Contact latex, a hybrid cut, removable fingersaves, and an elastic wrist strap. For about seventy US dollars, it’s a viable game glove option for female goalkeepers.